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Investigation Reveals How OnlyFans Allowed Illegal Content | Digital Trends Spanish

After the surprising announcement of OnlyFans and the total ban on pornographic content, a new investigation publishes some details of the internal management of the company and reveals how OnlyFans allowed certain illegal content within the platform if it was published by “successful” accounts.

The BBC report provides somewhat lurid details about the work of OnlyFans moderators, whose job it is to review posted content and enforce certain rules. But some moderators, on condition of anonymity, explain that OnlyFans does not act in the same way with all its creators and that with certain content and certain accounts it was more permissive.

One of these moderators reveals that OnlyFans’ unwritten rules were simple: if your followers with fewer followers posted illegal content, they were immediately restricted. On the other hand, accounts with more followers only received warnings and only after the third were more concrete measures taken.

And if the rules were broken by the most successful accounts on the site, the moderators just didn’t take over and left the issue in the hands of a different team.


The anonymous moderators mentioned in the report reveal that they found a lot of content that was rightfully illegal within OnlyFans and not only related to pornography but also to other types of activities. Likewise, the BBC confirmed that they investigated the behavior of some accounts that published illegal content and discovered that not all were removed from the platform.

They also talk about a kind of instruction manual that the moderators had to follow and that was independent and different from the terms of use of the platform. And this manual contained some edits and recommendations made by one of the highest executives of the company: Tom Stokely, Chief Operating Officer by OnlyFans.

Officially, OnlyFans explained that the change in its content policy has to do with demands imposed by payment media companies. However, the BBC report suggests that there is other type of pressure on OnlyFans and mentions a group of US congressmen who asked the country’s Department of Justice for an investigation into the platform focused on suspicions of child exploitation.

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