Wednesday, January 26

Investment funds put a stop to their records

The upward behavior that investment funds have experienced in 2021 and that has broken records month after month, to add 40,457 million euros so far this year, has been truncated in November.

Last month, national investment funds registered a equity decrease of 57 million euros, which places the total equity managed at 322,736 million euros, according to data from Vdos.

This fall contrasts with the increases in equity experienced in previous months such as June, which reached 8,567 million euros, or March, which totaled 7,397 million.

Ómicron, the culprit

The loss of volume managed in November was caused by the negative return on portfolios worth 2,094 million euros, due to the appearance of omicron, the new variant of Covid-19, which has caused a significant correction in the equity markets that could not be counteracted with the positive behavior of the bond market.

The IBEX 35 closed November with a decrease of 8.31 percent, a fall that also occurred in international markets: the Dow Jones lost -3.73 percent and the S&P 500, -0.83 percent.

Upward deposits

What has not fallen in November have been the net deposits to investment funds that amounted to 2,036 million euros. At As of 2021, the funds accumulate close to 24,000 million euros in subscriptions, which have also broken records.

The deposits last month were mainly concentrated in banking, with 1,429 million, followed by cooperative credit companies, with 202 million.

By equity, banks maintain the leadership with 241,425 million managed and a market share of 74.81 percent, followed by international and independent groups, with 9.02 and 8.86 percent, respectively.

By financial groups, the highest net deposits have been obtained Santander, with 397 million, followed by Ibercaja and BBVA, with 385 and 273 million euros. Caixabank has been the entity with the highest net repayments, 142 million.

The profitability of large management companies falls

Profitability has also fallen in November, mainly that of the large management companies that have registered negative numbers. A) Yes, scooperativo has been the one that offered the best returns with a decrease of 0.2 percent, followed by BBVA Management, with falls of 0.21%.

Among the independent managers it stands out Anattea Management, with a positive return of 1.99 percent, followed by Finletic Capital, with 0.63%.

International fixed income, the most profitable

By categories, the funds of International Fixed Income Asia / Oceania have been the most profitable, with 2.34 percent, followed by those of the Monetary USA Plus class, with 2.15 percent. On the opposite side the Emerging International Equities Europe registering decreases of 9.96 percent.

With regard to deposits, the category that attracted the most investments in November was Euro Public Debt, with 665 million euros, followed by Global Mixed Moderate, with 571 million.