Wednesday, July 6

iOS will allow you to share tweets as Instagram stories | Digital Trends Spanish

No more screenshots. Or that, at least, is what iOS users can say. The Twitter app has been updated so that anyone can easily share their tweets as Instagram stories.

The new tool works with the iOS options section; Thus, just touch the share icon below any tweet and select Instagram Stories from the list of applications.

While on Instagram, the tweet can be resized, repositioned and adorned with the standard selection of text, stickers, music and annotations from the message service.

Until recently, those who wanted to share a tweet on Instagram had to take a screenshot of the application and upload it manually to stories.

Fortunately, for those who use Apple’s mobile operating system at least, the new feature makes the result look much more elegant.

However, according to an article from The Verge, this resource seems to work best with text- and image-based tweets.

One of the site’s editors tested the tool with a post containing an embedded video, which Instagram imported as a static image.

The bad news is that this process does not work in the same way in the opposite direction, that is, when wanting to share an Instagram post on Twitter, which ends up appearing as a simple URL, without offering a preview.

Finally, it should be noted that, for the moment, Twitter has not reported when this new tool should arrive on Android.

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