Saturday, December 4

Ipacoop gave economic contributions for more than $ 12,000 to cooperatives in Chiriquí

The executive director of Cooperative Autonomous Panamanian Institute (Ipacoop), Edwin Navarro, gave economic contributions for $ 12,495 to eight cooperatives in the province of Chiriquí.

Four of them are located in townships included in the Beehive Plan, benefiting some 400 associates and their families.

He also delivered the Legal Status to Atlantic Pacific Sea Products Marketing Cooperative, in an act held in the village of Pedregal and attended by local authorities.

The economic contributions will be used for the planting of vegetables, corn, coffee, agro-tourism projects, chicken and tilapia farming, among others.

Navarro urged the beneficiary cooperatives to start projects as soon as possible and reinvest to maintain sustainability.

Likewise, he indicated that the new cooperative has innovative plans and announced that the Ipacoop will grant it a Seed Capital of $ 1,500.

For his part, the president of the Cooperativa de Mercadeo Productos del Mar Atlántico Pacífico, José Zapata, He explained that now they will be able to carry out their activities in a more organized way and generate new jobs.

While Alcides Montezuma, from Cooperativa Servicios Múltiples Sribire Waire, RL. He thanked the financial support received and added that it will have a positive impact on the members of the cooperative.

The director of the Ipacoop-Chiriquí, José Luis Bandini, He said that during the current administration eight new cooperatives have been created and there are 10 groups that aspire to become a cooperative.

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