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iPhone 13 mini, opinion after fifteen days of use | Digital Trends Spanish

Despite the fact that several external sources revealed that the iPhone 12 mini was not a very successful phone, Apple decided to launch a new generation. The iPhone 13 mini arrived in the company of its strong older brothers, the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, without having the slightest fear.

Behind that small body of only 5.4 inches and 140 grams hides a device with power and a camera to satisfy the most demanding. Of course, it is not a phone for everyone, because in the middle of 2021 it is difficult to get used to a screen of such restrained dimensions, especially if we are staunch consumers of multimedia content.

After testing the iPhone 13 mini for 15 days (I even took it on a trip), I’ll tell you what my feelings were and my experience of using it.

Size does matter (in every way)

The iPhone 13 mini is small and that’s something I loved in some situations, but not all. It is a real delight to have such a tiny device, as you can forget about carrying a backpack or a purse and leave it in your pocket without noticing it even when you sit down. This is what I like the most about the phone, that it does not weigh and that the wallet can be attached to the back with Magsafe (it is just the right size).

However, this reduction in size has a high price to pay: a very small screen. Personally, enjoying series or playing games has not been a very good experience with this phone, but I repeat, it is the opinion of someone who has used large iPhone models since its inception with the iPhone 6 Plus (5.5 inches back then) . The keyboard is also a bit small, although I had no problems with this; it is a matter of getting used to if you had a bigger phone before.

The issue of dimensions also comes up when using the camera or recording. The results are good, identical to those of the iPhone 13 (they have the same camera), but at first it was quite difficult for me to take photos and record with such a small device. Again the reason is that I am used to using phones of much larger dimensions, something that was solved after a few days of use.

The power, that is not lacking

If size is one of the main draws of this phone, its power should not be overlooked. The user experience was impeccable no matter what task I did with it, I just missed that the screen did not have the same refresh rate as its older brothers (or at least 90 Hz), but in general terms it is a device outstanding.

In terms of autonomy, this is something very personal because we all use the phone differently, but it is true that this device encourages more sporadic use for shorter periods as it is smaller, and therefore less immersive, which is translates into less battery consumption.

Thanks to some external sources we know that the iPhone 13 mini has 2,406 mAh of battery, a little more than the previous model. Beyond the data, my experience with the phone was similar to what I had with the iPhone 12, that is, I can get to the full day without having to charge it, but no more.


If you ask me which compact phone to buy in 2021 I would not hesitate for a second to recommend the iPhone mini due to its build quality, power and good cameras. Now, I would never recommend this device to users who spend many hours glued to the mobile screen playing or watching series and movies, because for a while it is bearable, but in the long run it is unsustainable to do so on such a limited screen.

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