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iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are already here with A15 bionic chip | Digital Trends Spanish

The great star guest of the day at the Apple’s Far Out event It was the official introduction of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, which come in a new lineup of midnight, starlight, blue, purple, and red colors.

Main features:

  • The big change here is that the iPhone 14 Plus features a new large 6.7-inch screen size – the same as the Pro Max – and the previous 5.4-inch mini-sized base model is no longer available.
  • The new iPhone base model is available in two sizes, with screen diagonals of 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches. The 6.7-inch model is the same size as the previous pricier iPhone.
  • In addition to matching the screen size, the iPhone 14 Plus will also offer the same long battery life as the Pro Max.
  • iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are powered by the A15 chip, the six-core variant previously used in the iPhone 13 Pro.
  • iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus feature a new dual-camera system. The 12-megapixel main camera features a new, larger sensor to capture light and produce better images with more detail and less grain, especially in low-light settings.
  • The new front camera also improves low-light performance and includes autofocus for the first time.
  • Apple is also updating its image processing pipeline, and will now apply its Deep Fusion algorithms earlier in the pipeline. They call it the “photonic engine” and tout up to a 2x improvement in low light on all camera lenses.

  • US models of the iPhone 14 also do away with the physical SIM tray, going all eSIM.
  • The iPhone 14 will also support the much-rumored emergency messaging via communication satellites when out of range of a cellular signal, called Emergency SoS. Phone antennas can connect to satellite frequencies. Apple says it can take less than 15 seconds to send a message with a clear view of the sky, and the interface guides users to point their phone in the right direction, as well as walk through the steps to connect with carriers. emergency services.

iPhone 14 prices and availability

The iPhone 14 will go out for pre-order this Friday, September 9. It will go on sale worldwide from September 16.

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