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iPhone 14 Pro Max: first impressions | Digital Trends Spanish

If we knew one thing for sure when we arrived at the Steve Job Theater, it was that – possible surprises aside – the “biggest” iPhone (the ProMax) would be the jewel in the crown, the gadget that everyone would like to get their hands on as soon as possible after the presentation is over.

And it happened like this… in part. It happens that the Apple Watch UItra stole some prominence from Apple’s new flagship – not much, but perhaps more than expected – even when the most acolytes applauded the disappearance never well loved night (notch or tab) and the appearance of that clever “pill” that now appears at the top of the screen.

Daniel Matus/Digital Trends in Spanish

Besides of night already absent… any other significant changes? Internal, fundamentally, but not too many in the periphery. It looks a lot like the iPhone 13 Pro Max introduced in 2021 (and the iPhone 12 Pro Max from 2020, shall we say). The new A16 Chip makes everything better, even if we don’t have the ability to appreciate it so easily. that its price start at $1,099 It is something that fans appreciate, since the rumors spoke of an increase of $100 dollars for this 2022.

iPhone 13 Pro Max (left) and iPhone 14 Pro Max (right) Daniel Matus/Digital Trends in Spanish

I remember that when I had the iPhone 13 Pro Max in my hands, I wanted to put the same case on it that I used on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. To my eyes and in my hands, they looked the same, but the case said no. And you know what? The same will happen now, since the square of the rear cameras is slightly larger. And no matter how millimeter, that difference will make it impossible to use the same case.

The edges feel the same, with the buttons in the same layout, and there’s no change to the Lightning port, despite the ordeal shipped by the European Union. There is still time to do it.

We will have to spend hours using it to be able to identify what is similar and what is not with respect to the previous model – especially the 48 mp main camera. But there is one thing that we could already verify, and that is that the pill which replaces the old notch will change the user experience.

And it is that what Apple has done here is still great. The camera and sensor are still there, by the way, and at no time do they get covered up or disappear. But Apple has surrounded that pill of life, which makes everything transform into something else. It’s a trick, yes: but a good one. A design move to give life and movement to something that, in reality, neither shines nor moves.

By the way: it’s not called a pill, but Dynamic Islandwhich effectively transforms and moves, depending on what you want to do with it.

For the rest, the iPhone 14 Pro Max now has the new always-on screen, a “new” in Apple that surely causes smirks in Android users, who have been seeing this feature for years. Thus, both the time and the notifications that you customize. But doesn’t this drain battery? Not as much as the one that is spent every time we unlock the phone. It is not free either, but we will have to spend days using the phone to check the efficiency that both the A16 Chip and the operating system will provide in this item.

And the camera? We want to calmly test the 48MP lens and see how much versatility it adds, especially in low light, which will surely be the most significant.

Daniel Matus/Digital Trends in Spanish

Shall we run to buy it? Apple fans who were at the presentation will not doubt it, as they seemed to be blown away by the Dynamic Island. And let’s be fair: It was a coup, a small but real change that will make the iPhone 14 Pro Max different from the iPhone 13 Pro Max in a way that it never could be from the 12 Pro Max.

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