Saturday, December 9

iPhone 15 could hide the Face ID system behind the screen | Digital Trends Spanish

In order to hide the Face ID system under the screen on the iPhone 15, Samsung Display would be developing a new camera configuration under the panel for Apple. This was reported by the Korean media TheElec.

The version established that the technology could first be applied to the folding phones of the Asian manufacturer’s 2023 catalog, and then move to the Pro line of the American company’s family of smart devices.

Strictly speaking, the front of the iPhone of the future could look similar to Samsung’s Galaxy series. The specialized site stated that the design would be applied to the iPhone 14 announced by the end of 2022.

“Face ID under the panel will hide the sensor when not in use. This works, in essence, exactly the same as the under-panel camera (UPC) technology that Samsung Display has applied to the panels of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 launched in 2021”, The Elec added.

In turn, GSMArena stated that Apple’s “ultimate goal” is to adopt an “under display” (UD) solution to “free up even more space on the screen in the future.”

Samsung Display is developing the new generation of cameras in partnership with OTI Lumionics. The report noted that the Canadian company is working on a new generation of organic cathode pattern material (CPM).

The formula allows “to open microscopic transparent windows in the OLED cathode and pixel layers”, which makes the screen completely transparent.

“The infrared sensor will function normally when the phone is unlocked, leaving a screen completely free of notches and cuts,” GSMArena concluded.

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