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iPhone becomes number 1 in China | Digital Trends Spanish

Apple has every reason to celebrate in China. The technology company reached the highest market share in its history in the Asian giant during the fourth quarter of last year.

In this way, the firm became the largest seller of smartphones in the Chinese market for the first time in six years, according to what was pointed out by the research company Counterpoint Research.

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Until now, Apple ranked fourth in market share, behind Huawei, Vivo and Oppo.

According to Counterpoint, the company reached 23 percent market share in the fourth quarter of 2021. In the same period a year earlier, Apple had only reached 16 percent.

If the whole year is considered, the company has risen one place and went from fourth to third place.

iPhone 13

According to analysts, Apple’s success in the latter part of last year coincides with the launch of the iPhone 13, its latest mobile device.

A person holds an iPhone in front of a group of people at a store in China.
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“Apple rose to the top spot in China just after the launch of iPhone 13 (week 39) in September. After that, it held the number one position for most of the fourth quarter,” explains research analyst Mengmeng Zhang.

“The new iPhone 13 has led the way due to a relatively lower starting price at launch in China, as well as new camera and 5G features.”

Another point that could have helped Apple is the decline of Huawei, its main competitor, whose sales decreased due to the current sanctions imposed by the United States.

Thus, according to Counterpoint, in year-on-year terms, Apple’s unit sales increased 47 percent, while Huawei’s fell 68 percent.

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