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iPhone could come with even more announcements Apple plans | Digital Trends Spanish

Apple plans to put ads on more of the apps that come pre-installed on the iphoneaccording to a new report.

While the tech giant already includes ads in its News, App Store, and Stocks apps, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported on Sunday that it recently internally tested ads in Apple Maps and may also incorporate them into other software such as Podcasts and Books.

With Maps, Apple would likely allow businesses like restaurants to pay a fee to have their service appear higher in search results, suggested Gurman, an Apple watcher who has called him correct many times in the past. Ads could also be shown in other parts of the app outside of search results, giving businesses more flexibility in how and where their ad slots appear.

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As with Apple ads shown in the News, App Store, and Stocks apps, those locations will be clearly marked so users know exactly what they’re looking at.

Todd Teresi, Apple’s vice president of ad platforms, reportedly wants to boost the tech company’s annual ad revenue of around $4 billion into double digits, with ads in more Apple apps as a way to help it reach that goal.

In other efforts to boost its app-related ad revenue, Apple recently revealed that it plans to feature more ads in the App Store, with new slots coming to the app’s Today section and individual app pages as well.

Commenting on its decision to include more ads in the App Store, the company said the placements provide “opportunities for developers of all sizes to grow their business,” adding, “Like our other ad offerings, these new ad placements are based on the same foundation: they will only contain content from the app’s approved App Store product pages. and will adhere to the same rigorous privacy standards” that Apple reinforced with the release of iOS 14.5 last year.

Ads for a broader range of businesses and services now appear destined for more of Apple’s own apps in a move the company hopes will boost its results even further, though whether its customers will be cool about scrolling through more ads for it remains to be seen. find the content they are looking for.

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