Friday, February 3

Iranian actress Taraneh Alidoosti arrested on charges of “inciting” riots in Iran

Iranian actress Taraneh Alidoosti, considered one of the best actresses in Iran, has been arrested on charges of inciting unrest in her country, according to local media reports. Alidoosti had recently posted an image of her on her (now closed) Instagram account in which she displays a banner with the slogan “Woman, Life, Freedom,” the slogan of the protests against the Iranian regime.

The interpreter had also criticized the death sentences and executions of the first protesters arrested in the different protests that have affected the entire country since the death of the young Masha Amini, arrested by the Moral police for not wearing the veil.

According to Hamshahri Online, the artist was arrested “due to her actions in posting false and distorted content, inciting riots and supporting anti-Iranian movements.” Alidoosti’s arrest is considered a sign that Iran wants to prevent different personalities from using her influence, both inside and outside the country, to show her support for the protesters.

Tarane Alidoosti (Tehran, 1984) is one of the most relevant Iranian actresses of her generation. The interpreter has won several awards throughout her career and she was the protagonist of the film The Salesmandirected in 2016 by his compatriot Asghar Farhadi and which in 2017 won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

The arrest of the actress is the latest episode after months of protests over the death of Amini. What began as a series of demonstrations against the brutality of the Morale Police last September has evolved into a movement calling for the end of the Islamic Republic founded by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1979.

After almost three months of mobilizations, with more than 400 deaths and thousands of arrests, the authorities have begun to execute protesters to try to control mobilizations led mainly by young people and women, who are asking for more freedoms.