Friday, May 20

Iraq condemns nine jihadists to hang for the massacre of 1,700 Shiite soldiers in 2014



A court of Iraq has sentenced nine people to death for their role in the 2014 massacre by Daesh at the military base of Camp memory, in which the jihadist group executed about 1,700 soldiers, most of them Shiites.

The Supreme Judicial Council has indicated in a statement published through its website that the sentence was handed down by a Baghdad court and added that “the convicted men confessed their participation in the execution of innocents at Camp Speicher in the summer of 2014.” .

He also stressed that the court has found “sufficient evidence” to sentence the defendants to death, in line with the Anti-Terrorism Law of 2005, which provides for the capital punishment for those convicted of terrorism and members of terrorist groups.

Guarantees of a safe passage

The massacre took place after hundreds of soldiers who were undergoing training at the facilities were captured and executed after leaving the facilities because Daesh (the so-called Islamic State) had guaranteed them safe passage if they did not resist.

The Iraqi authorities executed 31 members of the Islamic State convicted of their role in the massacre in January 2017. In August 2016, another 36 jihadists were executed for this same case.

Hundreds of people have been sentenced to death in the country for their membership in Daesh and human rights groups have accused the authorities of committing irregularities in judicial processes and of carrying out judgments without guarantees to sentence the arrested.

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