Saturday, September 25

Ireland catches the second Galician fishing boat in a week

The Irish authorities have caught another Galician fishing vessel, the second in less than a week and the third in the last three months. The reduction of catches for the Irish fleet derived from the Brexit agreement has caused unrest and protests in the sector, which looks with growing suspicion at sailors from other areas. The longliner Valle Fraga, based in the port of Burela (Lugo), was intercepted on Friday by the Irish authorities, who accuse it, as in previous cases with Galician boats involved, of violating fishing regulations.

Ireland frees the Galician fishing boat ‘Punta Vixía’ after the payment of a deposit of 100,000 euros

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The boat is in the port of Castletownbere, in the southwest of the Irish country, after being stopped by the ship William Butler Yeats of the Irish Navy. The Irish Naval Service reports on its social media that the arrest was for violating fishing regulations. In the same message, published on Twitter and Facebook, it indicates that it is the seventh fishing boat stopped by the William Butler Yeats in 2021.

In the last three months there have been three Galician fishing vessels held in the country. At the end of May, Punta Candieira, based in Viveiro, was arrested and was released after two weeks and after the payment of a bond of 170,000 euros. Last weekend Ireland captured Punta Vixía, a French flag but shipowners from Vigo, which it released a few days later after posting a 100,000-euro bond, according to the shipowner.