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Irene Lozano resigns her act of deputy of the PSOE in the Madrid Assembly

Irene Lozano leaves her act as deputy of the PSOE in the Madrid Assembly. This was announced this Monday by the new general secretary of the Socialists in Madrid and spokesman in the regional Parliament, Juan Lobato, in an interview in La Ventana in Madrid. Socialist sources assure that Lozano is in “a process of professional change”, although they do not provide further details.

The deputy Juan Lobato prevails in the primaries of the PSOE in Madrid with his commitment to “transversality”

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“Irene Lozano has done an exceptional job in this transitory stage and we thank her for her political contribution to the party of the parliamentary group,” said Lobato during her interview on Lozano’s role as deputy spokesperson for the parliamentary group during these months. It is not the only casualty. Isabel Aymeritch also resigns her act as regional deputy who will take over as Chief of the Cabinet of Ángel Gabilondo, recently appointed by the Congress of Deputies as the new Ombudsman after an agreement between the PP and PSOE that also included the renewal of the Court. Constitutional.

Lozano now leaves her act of deputy after occupying the deputy spokesperson of the socialist parliamentary group for six months. Before, the writer and journalist had left the Presidency of the Higher Sports Council last March to join the starting positions on the list that Ángel Gabilondo headed in the regional elections on May 4. Lozano was already in the candidacy of the Socialists for Congress in the general elections of 2015, when the leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, signed her from the ranks of UPyD. The landing of Lozano then caused a significant unrest in the socialist ranks.

Lozano did not repeat in 2016 and when Sánchez arrived in Moncloa he put her in charge of the Secretary of State for Spain Global, the former Marca España, and in his second term he appointed her director of the Higher Sports Council, a position that she left so that her name was in the starting posts of the PSOE ticket in Madrid in the 4M elections, behind Hana Jalloul, Pilar Llop –current Minister of Justice– and Juan Lobato.

Lozano’s departure occurs with the change of leadership in the PSOE in Madrid with the proclamation of Lobato after undergoing internal primaries. Before Lozano, Hana Jalloul, until then the group’s spokesperson, also took a step to the side and resigned as Spokesperson. Jalloul, on the other hand, has maintained his seat in the Madrid Assembly and entered the executive branch of the state PSOE after the Congress held in Valencia on October 16. Jalloul was then appointed secretary of international relations and development cooperation and is currently the president of the socialist parliamentary group in the Madrid Assembly.

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