Saturday, November 26

Irene Montero, after Vox’s macho insults: “It is a campaign of personal destruction, the limits were crossed”

The Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, has described the macho insults directed at her this Wednesday by the Vox deputy Carla Toscano as a “campaign of personal destruction”, when, in addition to calling her a “liberator of rapists”, she disqualified her by assuring that “ His only merit” is “having studied Pablo Iglesias in depth.” “All limits were crossed,” he said in an interview on the Hoy por Hoy program, on Cadena Ser, in which he denounced that the right and the extreme right use lies and hate “to try to occupy power ”.

Why debate politics when you can insult Irene Montero and all women

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Montero has shown herself to be “concerned” by the “level” at which political violence is reaching in Spain and has recalled that “feminists are more and we have to show them that they are not going to be able to stop the feminist struggle, which is what they want ”. The Minister for Equality thanked at this point for the support she received after the attacks and disqualifications against sexism, although she recalled “the importance” of examining “how we got there.”

“For Carla Toscano to pass that limit yesterday, for several days before there were many other people who were touching it,” said Montero, who has denounced that a “campaign” has been developed in which “even progressive sectors” were saying that feminists “are useless, that we don’t know how to make laws, that an alpha male sends us or that we have no criteria to decide.”

The Minister for Equality has thus claimed that “although everyone has to make self-criticism”, “those who are exercising political violence and those who are receiving it” cannot be put at the same level: “You cannot be equidistant there.” Montero has thus recalled, as he said yesterday in Congress, that “the important thing” is not that they do it to her now, but “that it does not happen again.” “We have to face as a society the fact that women are attacked for doing politics and we must be aware that we cannot be equidistant”, she has expressed.

Finally, the head of Equality has highlighted the importance of “determination and courage” when “advancing in rights” and has appealed to “society as a whole” so that the extreme right “cannot occupy more positions of power”. To do this, she has also influenced the media, which have the ability “not to legitimize lies.” “I think we have to have, without falling into the culture of cancellation, a strong commitment not to legitimize that lies are part of the game of politics and that also corresponds to the media powers”, she has settled.

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