Monday, August 8

Irene Montero does not retract her statements in the conciliation act with the ex-partner of Juana Rivas

The lawyers of the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, have indicated this Wednesday in the act of conciliation with Francesco Arcuri, ex-partner of Juana Rivas, that he does not retract his public statements in which he referred to his specific case. Nor does he accept to apologize or compensate him with 80,000 euros, as required.

The Supreme Prosecutor’s Office supports the partial pardon for Juana Rivas

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Today’s act took place after Arcuri, Juana Rivas’ ex-partner, filed a lawsuit against the minister with the aim of having her retract statements and public statements that she made and in which she mentioned her case. In addition to taking legal action against Montero, the ex-partner of Rivas has gone against the deputy of Más País Íñigo Errejón, with whom he already celebrated that act of conciliation.

The minister demanded compensation of 80,000 euros for damages. “We require Mrs. Montero to retract in the act of conciliation of each and every one of the statements that are cited, immediately withdraw the publications that are reproduced in this writing, and any other that refer to the father of the children. children of Mrs. Rivas, “the letter said.

She also requested, through her legal representation, that within seven days of the conclusion of that conciliation act, the minister publish the conciliation demand and the conciliation act at her expense in two national newspapers.

This Wednesday’s appointment, which neither Montero nor Arcuri have attended, has followed the expected channels, and was the previous step for the filing of a complaint for insults and slander against the minister for the demonstrations related to her case.

Montero’s claims

In Montero’s lawsuit, which was presented in the Collado Villalba courts, Arcuri reflects several statements by the Podemos leader, such as those she made at a public event in Zaragoza in June 2021 when, in relation to various events that occurred on those days, Among them, the alleged death of two minors from Tenerife at the hands of their father, linked him to the case of Juana Rivas.

He adds that to these statements he added a tweet that he published on his profile and in which the aforementioned intervention was collected and emphasized it, noting: “There are always proper names: Beatriz, Anna, Oliva, Rocío, Juana, Irune. Believe and accompany the women who are alive to prevent sexist murders and eradicate violence against women. ”

The letter also reproduces part of the interview that was conducted in June in a Spanish television program – ‘Las cosas clear’ – “where he repeats part of the same statements regarding the Juana Rivas affair”.

In line, she recalls that Rivas has been convicted of the crime of abduction of minors by a final judgment dated April 23, 2021 after an appeal before the Supreme Court, and that she is aware of and supports the petition for pardon.

It also emphasizes that Montero does not know Arcuri personally, and reproaches him for having ruled on his case without having read or studied “the content of the almost three dozen judicial proceedings that have been processed with respect to Mrs. Rivas and Mr. Arcuri. both in Spain and Italy “.

The course of the petition for clemency

The Supreme Court received in June the file from the Ministry of Justice on the petition for clemency made by Juana Rivas, sentenced to two years and six months in prison for the crime of child abduction. The High Court report is expected to see the light of day in the coming weeks.

At the end of last April, the Supreme Criminal Chamber partially upheld the appeal filed by Rivas against the sentence of five years in prison imposed by the Criminal Court 1 of Granada and reduced it to two years and six months of jail when considering that, although there were two minors abducted – his two children – he committed a single crime and not two.