Thursday, October 28

Irene Montero remodels the Ministry of Equality and incorporates Celia Mayer and Carlos Sánchez Mato

Irene Montero remodels the structure of the Ministry of Equality after the departure of Noelia Vera, who announced two weeks ago that she was leaving her post as Secretary of State for Equality and her responsibilities at Podemos. Ángela Rodríguez, better known as ‘Pam,’ will take over from Vera. His new chief of staff will be Celia Mayer, councilor during the mayoralty of Manuela Carmena. Also joining Montero’s new team is Isa Serra, spokesperson for Podemos; Carlos Sánchez Mato, councilor of Now Madrid in the City Council of the capital between 2015 and 2017 and the lawyer María Naredo.

The minister and her team have opted for profiles with municipal experience, such as Sánchez Mato and Mayer, to restructure the organization chart of the Ministry. The Department of Equality highlights the incorporation of members of other organizations, such as Sánchez Mato (IU), with an eye on the construction of “a broad front.”

Isa Serra enters the Equality organization chart to work on international affairs and be the link “between the Ministry of Equality, civil society and the feminist movement,” indicate the sources consulted. For his part, Sánchez Mato will work as an economic advisor. This is his specialty after assuming for two years the responsibilities of Economy and Finance of the Manuela Carmena City Council and being responsible for this matter in Izquierda Unida. From now on, its mission will be to “monitor measures related to labor rights and care with a gender perspective, such as the increase in permits or the universal provision for childcare,” they point out from Equality.

His colleague from the Government team at Madrid City Council, Celia Mayer, also joins Montero’s team. The former councilor of Now Madrid will assume the head of cabinet of the Secretary of State for Equality. She was responsible for these policies, after Carmena assumed her powers in the Department of Culture. From the department of Montero they assure that “its incorporation will reinforce the management of the great legislative package that the Ministry of Equality has ahead of it,” including the Trans Law and LGTBI rights, the Co-Responsible Plan, the management of European funds and the Strategy National against sexist violence.

Added to the remodeling that Montero has managed in recent days is the promotion of María Naredo, who goes from being an advisor to becoming the legal coordinator of the Ministry. With the announcement of Vera’s departure, it was also made public that her substitute at the head of the Secretary of State was going to be Ángela Rodríguez, who was already part of Irene Montero’s team as an advisor. Rodríguez has maintained a prominent profile within the Ministry and has participated in relevant negotiations such as the Organic Law for the comprehensive guarantee of sexual freedom or the one popularly known as the ‘Trans Law’, which opened a harsh conflict between the Government partners.

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