Monday, December 4

Irene Montero shares her experience with breastfeeding: “The decisions we make do not make us better or worse mothers”

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, has shared on Instagram this Saturday her experience with breastfeeding her children Leo and Manuel to make visible the reality of thousands of women. “If all the experiences of breastfeeding that I have lived and shared with my friends over the years have one thing in common, it is that almost none have been as we expected. We have had to learn together and on the fly, ”she has pointed out.

“My first breastfeeding, Leo and Manuel’s, was basically this: a double breast pump every three hours for more than three months. That milk was the food of Leo and Manuel and what was left over, as other mothers of premature babies did, we donated it to the Gregorio Marañón milk bank for other creatures. How much we owe to public health, to all her professionals, to Manuel Sanchez Luna”, she has continued in the text that she has shared along with a photo of herself using a breast pump.

Montero has said that it was a friend of hers who managed to get the milk out of her breast. “With her I later shared many other difficulties and joys of our breastfeeding and our maternity. Three months later, within weeks of coming home, we switched to formula. Along the way I learned, I saw hundreds of videos from @albapadibclc [una experta en lactancia] I shared experiences with many friends, talked about breastfeeding on a recurring basis, read and experienced very intense emotions. With Aitana things were very different and we have had two and a half years of tit, from which she said goodbye when we both decided.

The minister has also assured that she is working “so that all women can choose their path also in breastfeeding without guilt or shame, without the questioning of a society that still considers that the decisions about our own bodies are not ours alone”. “The decisions we make about breastfeeding don’t make us better or worse mothers; Above all, they should always be respected and should have the support of a network that supports, accompanies and cares for them”, she added.

That is why he calls for “making the common stronger”. With “better maternity and care leave, conciliation and co-responsibility, nursery schools, health and education, the network that makes possible different maternity but without loneliness, whatever we decide.” “Our way of organizing the economy and life cannot continue to turn its back on nurturing, care, the value of time to live, especially for women,” she concluded.