Saturday, May 28

Irene Montero’s collaborator accused of acting as a caregiver requests the file after carrying out “all possible procedures”

Teresa Arévalo, current assistant to Irene Montero’s chief of staff at the Ministry of Equality, has asked the judge to file the case against her after having carried out “all possible procedures” in the last twelve months and it was “false” that she exercised Caretaker of the children of the head of the department and Pablo Iglesias, former Vice President of the Government.

As happened with the alleged irregular financing of Podemos, the Arévalo case is based on the complaint of a former training worker who is in dispute with the party, in this case the person in charge of Regulatory Compliance Mónica Carmona. She transferred an anonymous complaint to the court in which Montero was accused of using “a person in the pay of the party, Teresa Arévalo, as a caretaker for her children.” Arévalo has belonged to Podemos since its foundation and has held various positions.

Neither the complainant Carmona had knowledge of the facts, nor the anonymous person from whom the alleged information originated has appeared in court to date, the defendant’s defense alludes, the defense argues in its brief to request the file. On the contrary, he adds, three witnesses who have appeared in court have denied that Arévalo was the caretaker of Montero’s children or that she traveled to Alicante in October 2019 with those functions, as the complainant said.

The anonymous complaint spoke of a trip to Alicante but did not mention that at that time Arévalo was a party leader, a candidate for Congress for Toledo and a member of Montero’s team. Arévalo’s defense criticizes that the complainant did not carry out “a simple computer query” to verify it, since she had immediate access to that information as the person in charge of Normative Compliance of Podemos.

As happened with the other dismissed, Calvente, Carmona’s statement in court included testimonies from third parties or expressions such as “it was a secret sometimes” or “everyone knew it”, without further specification. “People who supposedly confirmed to Mrs. Carmona that Mrs. Arévalo had cared for Mrs. Montero’s daughter in Alicante did not even go on that trip,” says Arévalo’s defense brief.

“The opening of the procedure against my client was carried out on the sole basis of a complaint by reference from a person who, as of today, maintains two lawsuits against Podemos and whose motivation is more than questionable, free of any evidence that sustain it,” he adds. Recently, the same judge, Juan José Escalonilla, has summoned a former party press officer under the same accusation as a defendant, at the request of the popular accusations of the Neurona, Vox and Prolege case.