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Is 1899 a plagiarism of a Brazilian work of fiction? | Digital Trends Spanish

The 1899 series It has already premiered on Netflix, becoming one of the most popular series on the platform these days, and just when it began to be released, an accusation of plagiarism arose from a Brazilian author.

Mariana Cagnin, assures that they stole the story of her comic “Black silence” published in 2016 and she explained this in the following Twitter thread:


The day I discovered that the 1899 series is simply IDENTICAL to my quadrinho Black Silence, published in 2016.

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— Just Mary (@marycagnin) November 20, 2022

Cagnin assured that the story was “identical” and pointed to items such as “the black pyramid, the multinational crew, the deaths inside the ship, seemingly strange things without any explanation.”

However, the author of 1899, Baran bo Odar, replied on his Instagram the criticism of the Brazilian.

«Unfortunately we do not know the artist, nor her work, nor the comic. We will never steal from another artist and we will feel like artists ourselves«.

The writer also indicated that “we have contacted the author to see if she can retract her accusations”, adding that “if they saw the series and read the comic they would know everything and we would not be having this conversation.”

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