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Is HUH Token legit? – Just as real as Shiba Inu and Dogecoin

Shiba Inu has countless posts on forums and Reddit threads accusing the coin of being a scam. After its performance in 2021, those claims have been silenced. Unfortunately, this is a rite of passage a majority of cryptocurrencies experience and for good reason. Many have been unfortunate enough to lose their hard-earned money at the hands of those with malintent. Presenting a seemingly interesting crypto opportunity, only to disappear with all the money.

Dogecoin is arguably one of the most well-known meme coin in existence and at one point in time, it was referred to as a scam and many were advocating that no one should purchase its coins. This all started as a group on Reddit who referred to themselves as “shibes”. The group would tip each other in Dogecoin, which at the time was worthless, as they made funny comments across Reddit.

A serial scammer named Ryan Kennedy started an exchange under the alias of Alex Green, to facilitate the Dogecoin transactions alongside other cryptocurrencies. Then without a trace, Ryan Kennedy vanished with all of the money. From that moment, everyone began to blame Dogecoin and brand it as a scam cryptocurrency. As of today, Dogecoin has generated profits for many and has withstood the test of time.

Shiba Inu is another example. Shiba Inu’s Wikipedia page still claims that it is a “pump and dump scheme”. This led to many calling it a scam despite the millionaires the crypto had created with its recent spike over the past few months. At launch, the warnings not to buy the cryptocurrency were everywhere. Now Shiba Inu rivals Dogecoin at the top of the crypto ladder.

HUH Token is the latest in a long line of cryptocurrencies to endure this treatment. HUH Token is a self-proclaimed ‘utimeme’ token. Differentiating itself from a standard meme token by providing utility. The cryptocurrency can produce BNB as a reward for referring others to the cryptocurrency and utilises static reflection to continuously provide more HUH Token to its holders. The more transactions that include HUH Token, the more rewards are given to holders.

HUH Token is a new project that has taken the necessary steps to provide complete confidence in its cryptocurrency. HUH Token has three separate audits from widely respected companies in the crypto world, Certik, Shellboxes and Solidity Finance. In addition to the wide array of audits, HUH Token also released a bug bounty. A $50,000 bug bounty was also offered for those who assist the improvement of HUH Token as it continues to progress.

HUH token has also provided $500,000 worth of liquidity and has locked it in for two years, making it impossible for the creators to take that money and disappear. Even when ignoring HUH Token’s own steps to show their integrity, an examination of where the token is being listed should give buyers more confidence. HUH Token is currently available on PancakeSwap and BitForex, two well established and trusted exchanges. In addition, analytics regarding HUH Token can be found on some of the biggest crypto-related websites, including CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Coinbase and PooCoin.

After analysing the steps HUH Token has taken and the various outside organisations that have given HUH Token their stamp of approval, it seems ludicrous to simply follow the uninformed posts declaring HUH token of being anything other than a cryptocurrency with high hopes for the future.

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