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Is this the new Meta Quest Pro?: at least it looks elegant | Digital Trends Spanish

Meta is expected to launch a virtual reality set «Meta Quest Pro» sometime this year, and the first images of this mythical device may have appeared online.

TheVerge reported a top-secret prototype of the headset left behind in a hotel room and later discovered by Facebook Gaming personality Ramiro Cárdenas, aka Zectariuz Gaming.

image: Zectarius Gaming

The headset is much sleeker looking than the Meta Quest 2 (previously Oculus Quest 2), with a rounded nose notch and a single wrap-around strap. It looks a bit like a giant pair of ski goggles.

This device looks a lot like the Project Cambria headphones that we’ve been hearing about since the end of last year. We know that Meta was working on a new prototype, and famed leaker Ming Chi Kuo predicted the project was in the works last April. Mark Gurmann on Bloomberg said he had reliable information that the headset would be called the Meta Quest Pro. This random leak from the hotel confirms both the physical construction of the device and the name.

The device has three cameras on the front and a completely black cover on the front. The big update is for the controllers, which lose their sensor rings and look more like a Nintendo Wii paddle than we’d expect from a VR headset. They maintain the same joystick and button arrays as found on current Quest 1 and Quest 2 devices.

The black meta quest pro taken out of its box and held in one hand
image: Ramiro Cardenas

The leak is quite strange. The box had a sticker on the back that said “Engineering Sample.” It’s convenient that Cardenas was the next person in the hotel room, rather than a cleaner or another guest, and that he was also a gaming personality on Facebook, which is also owned by Meta. We’re not conspiracy theorists (much), but this is very convenient. Cardenas claims that he has arranged to return the device to the original owner of it.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is expected to announce the next generation of Meta Quest devices, including the Meta Quest Pro, at the Connect conference on October 11, 2022. The event will be streamed live on Facebook for anyone to watch. .

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