Wednesday, October 4

Is your Reddit icon pixelated? This is the reason | Digital Trends Spanish

Many users indicated on social networks that the Reddit icon looked pixelated after the last update of the application. While there are several third-party Reddit apps for iOS and Android, people have noticed something strange about the look of the official app symbol.

It should be remembered that Reddit offers several customization options that allow you to add an avatar to the account, modify the view of the home page, disable automatic video playback, edit the size of the thumbnails and change the icon.

For the same reason, many people thought that they had modified this logo unconsciously, however, they soon discovered that the change in the Reddit icon was made automatically and the result was a more pixelated image that surprised many. While it’s the same orange logo on a white background, it looked like someone created it with a basic program like Microsoft Paint.

“I updated the Reddit app and right after it updated the Reddit app icon on my home screen was blurry. It is the only icon that is like this. Does anyone know how to fix it?” said a user who was affected by this situation.

The reason behind this “inconvenience” is quite simple and responds to Reddit’s intention to promote the r/Place subreddit, which has brought back the purpose of April Fool’s Day, which is celebrated every April 1st.

This channel debuted in the 2017 version as a digital art project, allowing users of the platform to visit the subreddit, fill in a pixelated square on a kind of virtual canvas, and collaborate on art by creating whatever they wanted.

According to Reddit, at the time, more than a million people put together nearly 16 million colored squares to create the image that accompanies this article. Thus, this year’s r/Place will be available until April 5 so that users can create whatever they want.

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