Sunday, December 10

Isabelle Huppert, Marina Abramovic and Annie Ernaux will attend the Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest

When no one was betting on online screenings, at Filmin they decided to create a festival where films could be seen online. It was called Atlàntida Film Fest, and that pioneering bet that many later copied has evolved to have a physical headquarters in Mallorca and become a hybrid event in which great figures of the cinema attend in person while almost all the programming can continue to be seen from the Spanish platform. Unique moments have been experienced there, such as the one in which Ken Loach raised his fist after an activist and combative speech. He did it in front of Queen Letizia, who attended the event and had no choice but to applaud standing up with the entire audience.

Isabelle Huppert and the moral dilemma of a mayor: take care of her city or become a minister

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In its 12th edition -which will be held from July 24 to 31-, the Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest has announced a program that promises great moments that will be starred by them, the great women who will shine. Isabelle Huppert will collect the honorary Master of Cinema award that Judi Dench or Stephen Frears have received in other years. The actress, one of the great ladies of European acting, will visit Mallorca on the day of its closing. Also at the festival will be Marina Abramovic and Annie Ernaux. The first will inaugurate the festival with its show The seven deaths of Maria Callaswhich can be seen together with an exhibition and the documentary Marina and Ulay: no predicted end. The French writer will present her documentary Les Années Super 8, a montage of images recorded by her family and that she analyzes with her voice and gives them an intimate and political vision. A film that also went through the Cannes Festival.

Together with them, another of the great authors who will visit Mallorca is Albert Serra. After competing in the Official Selection at Cannes, he will present his new film before its premiere in September, Pacifiction. An unclassifiable, radical and unique film that once again confirms that Serra is one of the great authors of Spanish cinema. It will not be the only Spanish film, since both the opening and the closing are. Atlantis will start with Ramona, debut for Andrea Bagney, and first feature film as an actress for Lourdes Hernández, the singer of Russian Red. the forger, by Kiko Maillo. You can also see other debuts that could already be seen at other festivals such as dragonflies, by Luc Knowles.

Consecrated names of auteur cinema will attend, such as Sergei Loznitsa, who will also receive the Master of Cinema award and will present his new documental The natural history of destruction, about the bombings in Berlin and Cologne during World War II; Gaspara Noe, who will attend to present his most accessible film for the general public, Vortex; Y Alain Giraudie, who will present An unsung hero. Jaume Ripoll also highlighted the documentary three minutes, which predicted a future in the awards season and as one of those works that become a cult title. A work produced by Steve McQueen and directed by Bianca Stigter that tells the previous three minutes that were recorded before a town was devastated by Nazi bombing.

One of the main novelties of this edition will be an Official Section, with a prize for the best film valued at 10,000 euros for distribution. This new section, aimed at young audiences, will include a selection of feature films that will empathize with the dilemmas, conflicts and different situations faced by the new generations. The jury will be made up of Leticia Dolera, Eneko Sagardoy and Nacho Vigalondo and three young students Mateu Bibiloni, Paula Martín and Sophi Burgüer.

Beyond its new Official Section, Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest also wants to focus on the conflicts and problems of the LGTBIQ+ collective. On the one hand, it will premiere in Spain the Italian documentary to my nameby Nicolo Bassetti. The father of a trans child, the filmmaker gives voice to four young people at different times in their transition process. The documentary is produced by Elliot Page. The screening will be accompanied by a debate prior to the screening and will end with a concert by Rocío Saiz and Jimena Amarillo.

As always, the Atlántida will combine its projections with music, in a selection of concerts in which you can see performances by Cecilio G, Rojuu, Varry Brava, Bejo, Alis, Meneo, Baaldo, Marcelo Criminal and Ortiga and which will have as its main course the closing of Amaia who has prepared a special concert for this occasion.