Monday, February 26

Israel approves fourth dose of coronavirus vaccine for immunosuppressed

The Government of Israel has given its approval this Thursday to the inoculation of a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine for immunosuppressed people, in an attempt to increase the immunization of this sector of the population in the face of the rebound in cases due to the omicron variant.

“The decision has been made due to the concern that they are more vulnerable,” said the director general of the Ministry of Health, Nachman Ash, in statements published by the newspaper ‘Times of Israel‘.

Ash has assured that they are studying “extend it to other sectors of the population“, When he announced this Monday that they began clinical trials of the fourth booster dose of the vaccine Pfizer.

In these trials, in collaboration with the Israel Ministry of Health, 6,000 people participated, including 150 professionals from its medical staff, who received the third dose in August and whose antibody levels have dropped.

Israel’s Minister of Health, Nitzan Horowitz, It has said that “authorities are preparing for infection rates higher than ever amid the spread of omicron, but a closure is not on the table.”

To date, Israel has inoculated more than 16.5 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine. Of its approximately 9.2 million inhabitants, some 5.8 million already have the complete pattern.