Thursday, September 16

Israel bombs Gaza again after new rocket launch

The Israeli Army bombed targets in the Gaza Strip early Sunday in response to the firing of two rockets from the enclave into its territory last night. This marks the third consecutive day of exchange of hostilities. The Israeli strikes have been carried out in two rounds, both with fighter jets and against what an Army spokesperson described as “military targets” of Hamas, which has de facto controlled the enclave since 2007.

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According to a military statement, the first of them, which came in response to the launch of the first of the two rockets fired last night from Gaza, hit a training ground for the Islamist movement, which according to Israel would also be used to manufacture and store weapons. The second bombardment was announced less than an hour later in retaliation for the launch of a second rocket, already in the early hours of the morning, and for firing from the enclave towards Israel with a machine gun.

These incidents, which have so far caused no deaths or injuries, take place in a climate of growing tension in the area following the escape of six Palestinian prisoners from an Israeli high-security prison last week. Although four of them were recaptured in recent days, two are still at large and the Israeli Army has assured that it will invest all available resources to capture them.

In recent days there have also been demonstrations in support of the inmates, both in Gaza and in East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank. Hamas, which Israel holds responsible for all hostilities emanating from the Strip, has lent its support to the escaped prisoners and a spokesman for the movement indicated on Saturday that, even if they are all recaptured, they would demand their release in any negotiations for a possible exchange of prisoners with Israel.

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