Monday, August 15

Israel kills an Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza in an attack on a residential building with seven others killed, including a girl

The Israeli Army has killed this Friday the number two of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group in the Gaza Strip during an airstrike against a residential building that left at least seven others dead and more than 40 wounded. Palestinian medical and security sources in Gaza have confirmed the death of Taysir al Jabari, leader of the armed wing of the YIP in the center and north of the Strip and who headed the unit responsible for launching rockets into Israel.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health has detailed that one of the fatalities is a five-year-old girl. Other Palestinian sources in Gaza have highlighted that the attacked residential building, located in the center of the Gaza capital, houses offices of the media and non-governmental organizations.

The murder of Al Jabari takes place within the framework of an offensive launched by the Israeli Army against targets of the Palestinian group in the enclave, in the framework of a spike in tension after the arrest on Monday of another of its leaders in the occupied West Bank.

In a brief statement, the Army announced the start of an operation against the Islamist group, which this week threatened retaliatory attacks after the arrest, triggering a reinforcement of Israeli troops on the Gaza border and a state of alarm over the possible rocket launch.

For several days, Israel has kept the border crossings with the Strip closed, as well as multiple roads in the Israeli communities adjoining the enclave.

The Israeli attack this Friday in Gaza marks a change in trend from previous offensives, the triggers of which often include hostilities by Palestinian groups in the Strip against Israeli territory.

After the bombardments, which according to Palestinian sources reached multiple targets in different Gazan cities, the Army ordered the interruption of almost all activities in the communities near the border and established multiple protection measures in neighboring areas, but not so close.

These measures include the interruption of all educational activities and a limit on capacity, which cannot be extended to more than 10 people in closed spaces at least until tomorrow afternoon.

Following the offensive, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid, who is facing new elections in November, the fifth in less than four years, has assured that “the Israeli government will not allow the terrorist organizations in Gaza to set the agenda in the area adjacent to the Strip and threaten the citizens of the State of Israel. Anyone who tries to harm Israel should know: we will find him.”

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