Wednesday, December 8

IT automation the path to digital transformation

Through history we have developed the ability to improve processes and, thanks to this, advance to the next generations.

The discovery of fire made it possible for humans to cook their food, reducing parasites and pathogens found in raw food; but also offering the possibility of settling in the same place despite the climatic seasons. Penicillin reduced infections and saved countless lives during the Second World War.

But it was the Industrial Revolution that drove it all, the first step towards true process automation.

Just as history relied on automation to take the next evolutionary step, we see in IT automation the way to digital transformation and industry 4.0. The demands of the industry and the changes it faces in an increasingly accelerated way, force companies to adopt transformations and streamline processes.

Tools like Ansible Automation de Red Hat, allows you to coordinate business environments effectively; The platform manages the Ansible technology of choice for thousands of companies and automates the complex IT tasks that comprise it, such as configuration management, systems readiness, workflow coordination and lifecycle management, he says. Robert Calva Garcia, Management & Automation Business Development Manager, Red Hat Latin America

The executive highlights that automation is to consider all areas, operational (cloud, networks, security), development and cross with processes.

It is to build a complex and comprehensive process that manages to eliminate the weight of constantly thinking about the monotonous and repetitive tasks that must be carried out on a day-to-day basis. It allows us to focus on the goal based on the operating system and the final service by relying on the AI ‚Äč‚Äčthat has served to distinguish problems and that has the same automation to solve them. All this, with the least possible human intervention.

With Ansible Automation Platform it is possible to interact with specific security systems such as firewalls.

We can talk about SecOps and existing roles, it is an ecosystem of certified partners where they work together generating reusable content within the automation hub.

Streamlining these processes means defining files and codes, speeding up compliance policies, and providing automated benchmarks.

Ansible Automation enables you to code your organizational processes into automated and controlled workflows, improving resource management. In addition, it makes it possible to label these resources in order to identify who created them, how and when they did it, and what is running or what has been implemented in them.

Automating is embracing progress and innovating in the way companies stay current to face digital transformation. Red Hat accompanies this process, which is rooted in the Open Source DNA and the essence of the company.

Planning, testing, implementing, maintaining or updating the infrastructure of the company, Red Hat Support will work with each member of the organization to obtain the best result. History taught us that we must learn from our mistakes so as not to make them again, but it also left us a marked path that is based on collaboration and teamwork. Thanks to the power of collective knowledge sharing, companies can move more quickly and safely into the future. Because after all, to err is human, to automate is divine.

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