Wednesday, July 6

It is fair and necessary

In truth it is just and necessary, it is our duty and salvation

Preface to the Catholic Mass on Sunday

The imprisoned Catalan politicians are already in their homes. In my opinion, they are pardons of justice because if their actions violated the limits of the Constitution – and for that we had the legal weapon of 155 – no one saw in the events of 2017 a violent uprising or a coup d’état, no one and look at the I continued live on various sets, until the attorney general of Maza did not think of filing a fictional complaint in which the events that we had all seen turned into a rebellion that no one had witnessed. The coup d’état that some rushed to decree without achieving that, despite so much effort, not even the Supreme Court dared so much.

During these years I have been narrating the procedural and competences forcing, the twists of the criminal types and everything that a part of the judiciary was willing to recreate to put an end to the pro-independence politicians in jail (The Supreme is made into a ball). It has not been an easy position but it always seemed to me the honest one. From that perspective and from which he made me participate in that 2017 initiative, Parlem !, so that the path of politics would not be abandoned, I reaffirm myself in considering that the pardons granted are of material justice and are necessary to amend a path , that of criminal law, which should never have been started and which was nothing but the manifestation of the inveterate habit of a man like Rajoy of hiding behind his robes. I have always shared with all the jurists who thought about it – and who have been silent during these years – that if someone wanted to insist on seeing a crime in the actions of the independentistas in 2017, that could only be disobedience to the orders of the Constitutional Court. The problem is not the pardons, as some claim, the problem was that that sentence was handed down.

The Government of the nation now establishes its political guidelines to exit the impasse of confrontation that exists with Catalonia and within Catalonia and is in its full right. I can assume that there is a part of the population that considers that it is a mistake to start that path, but the Government has the right to even make a mistake in seeking a goal of common good. The common good is not established by acclamation of public opinion as the Popular Party claims. The common good must be above the electoral and partisan calculations. This contradicts the right wing, which considers that having taken this step will harm the socialists at the polls – which should have filled them with joy – and if that is true, only the common good can lead the PSOE to put itself in such a difficult electoral position.

The rights are comfortable with this confrontation. I would go further and say that not only the Spanish nationalist rights but also the Catalan independence right, which is the one that is making the most noise against the decision to pardon. Its electoral comfort, its wild card of inflamed patriotic love, does not have to respond to the common good since, as businessmen well know, that the waters return to their course is the best scenario both for the economy and for coexistence. They always forget the right to tell us that hundreds of thousands of non-independence Catalans also longed for this moment to arrive, which, they know well, was essential to tackle any type of social normalization.

Married is skidding terribly on this issue. Not only with the clumsiness? of Ayuso putting the constitutional figure of the King into the controversy; but with the comings and goings of the photo of Colón, which were nothing but a demonstration that this issue is more than amortized and that they will not be able to massively arouse a population that now has other priorities. The last has been to demand that Sánchez call a plebiscitary election “on pardons.” He no longer knows how to kick to ask for elections, which he said were immediate after those in Madrid because the Government was about to fall.

This is going to be tough and difficult and it may not even work out. You see how many parties there are that would prefer that this attempt to do politics was ruined to get a slice of it. There are more who are going to plot to derail the search for coexistence than those who are willing to fight for it. They are in Madrid but also in Catalonia. We are going to hear everything said, fundamentally to each leader what they believe most enrages and loyalty to their parish. This is not the time to get lost in tales or tall tales. Here what counts are the facts. If you want to know what’s going on, take off a lot of the soundtrack and keep the facts. From the events we experienced came my full conviction that we never witnessed a violent uprising, no matter how much the “environment” the judges gave it. From the facts will come the verification of whether new steps are being climbed on that ladder in search of reencounter, of which pardons are only a first step.

It was necessary and it is done.

Now it only remains to do everything.