Thursday, September 23

It is not a car, it is not a motorcycle, it is the new Opel Rocks-e 2022 | Digital Trends Spanish

The massification of electric cars will not happen until there is a significant contingent of truly affordable versions of this type of zero-emission vehicle on the world market. There lies the importance of vehicles such as the Citroën Ami, or its new version highlighted and renamed as the new Opel Rocks-e 2022, which was unveiled by the German manufacturer this week. Opel and Citroën are both part of the Stelantis auto conglomerate.

Opel refers to the Rocks-e as the world’s first Sustainable Urban Mobility vehicle. Leaving aside the contradiction implicit in the fact that this is a version of a vehicle available for just under a year, the fact that it is not a proper car cannot be ignored. According to European Union regulations, the Rocks-e is a light motor vehicle, or in other words, a four-wheeled light motorcycle, as its weight barely reaches 1,038 pounds (471 kg) including the battery.

This classification allows Opel to market this small two-seater to drivers up to 15 years of age with AM driver’s licenses, a classification that will take effect from 2023 to drive electric or internal combustion engine vehicles whose maximum speed does not exceed 28 mph (45 km / h), which is exactly the Rocks-e’s top speed.

The Opel Rocks-e uses the same powertrain as its French twin, that is, a 6 kW electric motor running at 48 V that produces a grand total of eight horsepower, powered by a 5.5 kWh battery that gives it autonomy. , according to European WLTP measurements, 47 miles (75 kilometers) and takes three and a half hours to charge using a normal household plug. With 14-inch wheels, the Rocks-e looks like a little more than a Golf Cart with doors and a roof, to be used strictly within the city.

The doors of the Rocks-e open in opposite directions and its interior is completely devoid of luxuries and accessories, a lack that is compensated with a modern, practical and very spacious design, capable of accommodating people over 1.9 meters tall.

The Opel Rocks-e will go on sale this fall in Germany as a 2022 model, and can be purchased online or through the brand’s dealers. There are no plans to export the Opel Rocks-e to the United States, but its twin Citroën Ami will be part of a car-sharing program of the Free2Move company, which will operate in the cities of Washington DC, and Portland, in the state of Oregon. . It will be interesting to see it parked next to a Ford F-150 Lightning.

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