Sunday, December 10

“It is not at all reliable”: users criticize Chivo Wallet’s failure that disappears bitcoins

Thousands of users of the Chivo Wallet, the government Bitcoin (BTC) wallet developed by the Executive of Nayib Bukele, in El Salvador, have been denouncing the disappearance of the funds in their accounts for days. The funny thing is that so far there has been no official communication from the State or the responsible company.

In Twitter, there are hundreds of messages that are around this situation, where the silence of the company is only clouded with a message, apparently automatic, which calls to contact the technicians to solve the problem.

The complaints themselves began to occur several weeks ago, but in the last one they intensified, being more and more reports of affected by this failure.

CriptoNoticias wanted to know more and that is why they contacted Rafael Fonseca *, a Salvadoran who sent just over USD 400 in different transactions without the money being properly credited to the account.

“The problem is that one makes the shipment like any other wallet and despite the fact that the necessary verifications are given, the money is never available in Chivo Wallet,” he said in private messages via Twitter.

Suggested that the problem is even greater if you use the Lightning system of the Bukele government walletBecause there “the transaction never even appears.”

Fonseca revealed that it made three shipments via Lightning, totaling just over $ 300 and a final shipment using the main Bitcoin network, for about $ 65.

The funny thing is that, in his case, the shipments via Lightning were executed almost two months ago and the money still does not appear in the account. “And that the Lightning system is for immediate shipment,” he criticized.

Fonseca says it lost almost USD 400 due to the Chivo Wallet failure / Source: Twitter.

Fonseca repudiated that from the Chivo Wallet call center, where they offer careon to the customer, only promise to solve the problem, but without fulfilling. “In the end they never solve anything,” he lamented.

To verify that nothing has been said about it since Chivo, CriptoNoticias sent emails and messages through the direct on Twitter. However, there was no response, at least until the closing of this article.

The same occurs with many of the users who reported their cases on Twitter, where in addition to claiming what they described as “theft”, they rejected the company’s silence, that you have not been responsible for the losses.

More than $ 120,000 lost

As said, the case of disappearance of funds is not recent. It has already been harvesting for weeks and causing annoyance to Salvadorans who saw their bitcoins vanish.

A tweeter, the user @mxgxw_gamma, was charge to collect most of the cases of disappearance of funds that were notified through the social network. In your estimates, more than USD 120,000 have been registered by Chivo Wallet and have not come to fruition.

This tweeter discriminated the losses of funds in failed transactions, ATM failures, blocked accounts, unauthorized charges from CHIVO SA and unauthorized transactions carried out within the application.

More than USD 120,000 would be lost due to the failure of Chivo Wallet, according to estimates by those affected. / Source: Twitter.

In that sense, he affirmed that in recent days unauthorized charges have proliferated, a failure that has also been reported by users who are not registered in Chivo Wallet.

Another failure adds to the list

The disappearance of funds from Chivo Wallet adds to the list of other failures that this portfolio has registered since its launch. As CriptoNoticias has reviewed, there has been talk of scams and frauds committed through that platform.

In addition to instability in the use and connectivity problems of the application with Bitcoin, cases of identity forgery were also recorded, which were also reported by this newspaper.

Only automatic messages are sent by the Chivo account on Twitter to users who report the situation / Source: Twitter.

The fact is that, far from encouraging adoption, these problems keep Salvadorans away from Bitcoin, because, although it is true that anyone can access it, It is the first face that the government of that country offers users, novices of this new technology.

Rafael Fonseca attests to that. For him, the Bukele wallet “is not reliable at all”, and for that reason, he warns new users: “To those who are starting in this cryptocurrency thing, I do not recommend them.”

* Rafael Fonseca is the fictitious name of a user who did not want to identify himself for fear of reprisals.