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“It is not possible to be with mallitas marking ass”: disciplinary file to a local police of Paiporta for harassing an agent

“You cannot be at the police station with mallitas marking your ass, here it is full of men.” This is how JMPG, an officer of the Local Police of Paiporta (Valencia), addressed a subordinate, an agent in charge of gender violence, on two occasions. The comments have cost the officer the opening of a file of confidential and disciplinary information given the “need to cut this type of conduct”, according to the documentation to which has had access.

The subordinate is in charge of crimes of gender violence. “An attempt was made to explain to the officer that the agent comes as any other component with her civilian clothes and even that on occasions and in relation to the tasks assigned by the Viogen Headquarters [violencia de género], the dispensation of uniformity is authorized for the follow-up of victims, home visits, police accompaniment, meetings, in which the use of uniformity is not advised, “he adds.

The officer’s comments could constitute a “serious lack of respect and consideration for a subordinate,” so the mayor proposes the opening of a file of reserved information to clarify the facts and initiate a disciplinary file.

Open war in the Local Police

Within the Paiporta Local Police, according to sources consulted, there is a real open war, which has included concentrations of retired agents demanding the head of the current mayor (“go to your town”, read a banner). In fact, the official author of the sexist comments and the agent maintain in parallel a crossroads of accusations in which the popular municipal group has positioned itself.

The popular spokesperson in Paiporta, Chelo Lisarde, has criticized that the “democratic spirit of Isabel Martín [exalcaldesa de Compormís] and Maribel Albalat [actual primera edil] has been called into question “as a result of the official’s complaint to the Síndic de Greuges against the agent to whom he made the indecent comments.

The officer denounced that the uniformed woman did not attend an access control service at a school center, allegedly disobeying orders. The agent was caring for a victim of gender violence, which, according to the mayor, justifies her not attending the service at the school.

The Councilor for Citizen Security, Vicent Císcar, maintains that the matter “is due to a clear case of bad personal relationships between an officer and an agent” and denies that the man’s complaints about the subordinate have not been addressed. “In all cases, meetings of the mayor have been processed and held with him or with both, trying to mediate, and we will communicate this to the Síndic de Greuges,” he adds.

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