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It seems that the Switch will add a new virtual console: Commodore 64 | Digital Trends Spanish

Commodore 64 computer games could be added to the Nintendo Switch catalog, a post on Twitter from Thalamus Digital, a UK-based video game studio, suggests.

You asked for C64 games on the Nintendo Switch.

We listened.

Stay tuned.

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& mdash; Thalamus Digital (@thalamusdigital) December 15, 2021

“You asked for C64 games on Nintendo Switch. We listen to them. Stay tuned. # 2022 », says the Thalamus Digital post.

The Commodore 64 was an 8-bit computer released in 1982 by Commodore International. Although it was not exactly a video game console, but a computer with applications of all kinds, it was famous for games like Maniac mansion, Bubble bobble Y California Games, among others.

The Commodore 64 was in operation between 1982 and 1994, years in which it saw around 10,000 pieces of software pass through its ranks, including productivity programs, developer tools and of course, video games.

Precisely, games like Maniac Mansion (by the famous designer Ron Gilbert) influenced the taste of many teenagers who grew up in the 80s with video games as a fundamental aspect of their popular culture.

Its impact on the “geek world” that for many, the Commodore 64 represented a kind of golden age for nerds.

Regarding the apparent arrival of Commodore 64 games on the Nintendo Switch, some players speculate that their inclusion could occur on the Nintendo Switch Online service. We see that option as unlikely (especially since the only company that has games in the service and that is not Nintendo is Sega, owner of many franchises), and rather we think that the addition will be as downloadable games for the eShop of the Switch.

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