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“It was a night of drugs and sex,” reveals the hustler who participated in a feast of the close collaborator of Salvini



«It was a night of sex and drugs. There were three of us at Luca Morisi’s house [brazo derecho de Salvini como jefe de comunicación hasta hace unos días]. Drugs were everywhere. I took so many that I felt really bad. I thought I was dying. That night has destroyed my life. This is the statement made to various Italian media by PR, the 20-year-old Romanian prostitute, who participated in the feast of the house of Luca MorisiThe mastermind of the powerful communication machine of the leader of the League, being forced to leave office in the face of a scandal that particularly affects the League and its leader. Matteo Salvini he fears the effect that the Morisi case may have on the municipal elections on October 3-4. Morisi is being investigated by the Verona prosecutor’s office, to establish, among other things, the origin of the drug consumed during the feast.

“That night I felt bad, I fled and warned the police,” the young Romanian confessed from a town near Bucharest. It is still striking that he called the police, instead of an ambulance, which leaves the odd question in the air. From his family home he has made statements to several Italian newspapers. To ‘La Stampa’, for example, he said: «I’m stressed. I need to rest. I can’t sleep, I feel terrible. But I think I have opened the eyes of the whole of Italy. I’ll be back soon to explain everything. PR has also worked as a model and advertises herself as an escort on certain web pages. So does his friend, with whom Luca Morisi contacted. Salvini’s communication guru agreed to pay them 4,000 euros and the two friends moved from Milan to Morisi’s house, in Belfiore (Verona), about 200 kilometers from the Lombard capital.

At the feast they consumed cocaine and the fashionable liquid drug GHB, known as the rape drug. “The drug was at home,” says PR, “It was Morisi who offered it to me. It made me very bad. It seemed to drive me crazy. It was a delusion. I am bad and worried. I have a daughter who is now with me.

Hypocrisy and double measuring stick

All the Italian media are giving great prominence to the scandal. They consider that they do it not to tell a story with curiosity or voyeurism. Nor by “Plot” against the League, as Matteo Salvini shouts, on the eve of important municipal elections. The media consider it an obligation to tell a relevant event of a public figure, the communication brain of the League and Salvini’s right arm.

As the media recounted this episode, the hypocrisy in which the League has moved. Morisi baptized his communication machinery with the significant name of ‘the Beast’. It had around thirty digital experts, to follow the activities of its leader 24 hours a day, praising and applauding all his gestures, while attacking his adversaries “bestially”, highlighting their weaknesses.

Known is Salvini’s position on drugs. For years he has repeated slogans of this size: “Drugs suck.” “You can’t afford even a small amount.” “He who makes a mistake pays.” Now with Morisi he is understanding, considering him “a friend who has made a mistake”, while maintaining that in life “it is possible to make mistakes.” Salvini is criticized for hypocrisy and having a double yardstick.

Thanks to ‘the Beast’, Salvini had 8.2 million followers on social media (4.6 million followers on Facebook; 2.2 million on Instagram and 1.4 million on Twitter).

Their messages thus reached practically all voters, thanks to digital repeaters. In the European elections of 2019, as Minister of the Interior, he obtained 34 percent of the votes, a percentage that now stands at around 20%, according to polls. With this loss of consensus, it is explained that the Morisi case turns into a nightmare before the municipal elections.

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