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“It will be the reunion gala”: this is how the Goya of 2022 will be in Valencia

The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, and the president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain, Mariano Barroso, presented this morning the 36th edition of the Goya Awards. It will be held in Valencia, with all the relevant health measures, on February 12, 2022.

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“This is going to be the gala of the reunion of the cinema and its public. Last year we miss the warmth of the public but the next edition will be different,” defended Mariano Barroso, confirming that this time there will be an audience at the gala. Although it will be less public – approximately 1,500 people – than in previous editions, since the Palau de les Arts i les Ciències de València has less capacity than other centers chosen previously, such as the Teatro del Soho CaixaBank in Malaga in 2020.

“The idea is to hold a ceremony with a new model: we are going to overcome the figure of ‘single presenter’ or ‘couple of presenters’ main, so that it is a more choral gala and multiple figures from our cinema have a leading role. All sensibilities will be represented, from the most popular cinema to the most author cinema “, has defended Barroso. The presenters of the gala are still unknown. Antonio Banderas and María Casado were in charge of directing and presenting the gala. What is known is that there will be live musical performances, another Goya classic that returns in 2022.

“We cannot think of a better place than Valencia. The commitment of the political institutions has been unequivocal and delivered. Yesterday we saw the images of the funeral for Belmondo in France and we saw him thinking ‘look how they treat the actors in France’. It was moving And I have not been able to avoid remembering the tribute in Berlanga here in Valencia. It was an exemplary treatment and I believe that in our country there is little precedent of that respect and that honor towards filmmakers as in this land “, reflected the president of the Academy.

“It is true that we are in a moment of recovery after a few terrible months,” said Ximo Puig. “After everything we’ve been through, we need a certain emotional recovery and the Goya celebration is a milestone in that recovery.” The President of the Generalitat has continued to defend that “the Goya put us on the side of hope. They are going to mean a vindication of cinema, we are going to convey to the whole society what is much more than a gala of awards. For me Part of saying that it is a huge opportunity to underline the value that culture has: these almost two years we have felt accompanied by the cinema. And that the corollary of all this is Berlanga is a tremendous pleasure “.

The press conference was held with the company of the mayor and deputy mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó and Sandra Gómez López; the president of the Valencia Provincial Council, Toni Gaspar; and the vice president of the Academy, Rafael Portela.

In December 2020, the vice mayor of Valencia, Sandra Gómez, announced the constitution of the Goya Commission to organize and coordinate the 2022 gala with the city as the main venue, as well as the activities that would revolve around the celebration of the Berlanga year . “Berlanga loved his city, so the city could not help but reciprocate as the capital of the Berlanga Year and celebrate these Goya as the culmination of the centenary,” Gómez stressed.

“Berlanga knew how to tell the history of our land”, said Ribó. “His name will always be linked to the cinema and to a way of being and understanding the world that has much of the particular character of Valencians”, according to the mayor of Valencia.

Among the projects that have centered on the centenary of the Valencian filmmaker’s birth, there were two exhibitions on his legacy at the MuVIM in Valencia and at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid. This second exhibition will move to the Bombas Gens Cultural Center in Valencia precisely the week of the Goya celebration, as confirmed by Mariano Barroso.

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