Friday, January 21

Italians create a humanoid robot with a jetpack | Digital Trends Spanish

A group of Italian researchers has created a humanoid robot. It is iRonCub (iCub Equipped with Jet Engines), a prototype that has a kind of jetpack, which distinguishes it from other robots.

The prototype has two jet engines attached to the ends of each of its arms, while the others remain attached to its backpack.

Another striking aspect is his face, which can be considered sinister since it looks like a somewhat threatening doll.

However, those in charge of the invention hope that one will pay more attention to other aspects, such as the usefulness that this prototype could have in overcoming difficult terrain and helping in disasters.

In fact, a video shared by scientists shows the iRonCub flying smoothly over various obstacles.

“One of the benefits is social. I really believe that flying humanoid robots can be used as a test base for flying exoskeletons, ”explains Daniele Pucci, head of the laboratory that created the robot.

Now, the researchers are working so that iRonCub can land without problems to walk on the ground.

In recent times, several scientific projects have developed different prototypes of robots that could be useful in rescue work.

One of the best known is the robot dog Spot from the Boston Dynamics company, which has been made to penetrate without problems in difficult access places such as underground caves, wells and natural vaults.

The team in charge of iRonCub hopes to carry out further trials to test its flight capabilities.

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