Friday, January 28

Italy fines Amazon with more than 1 billion euros for abuse of dominant position

Italy’s competition watchdog fined Amazon on Thursday 1,128 million euros (about $ 1,275 million) for abuse of a dominant position by discriminating against sellers who did not use its logistics service.

“Amazon hurt competing operators in the e-commerce logistics service,” the Italian body said in a statement.

The US online sales giant had already been fined 68.7 million euros ($ 77 million) in November for violating competition rules by restricting access to the Amazon platform to certain Apple resellers.

This behavior is even more serious according to the competition authority because “at least 70% of purchases of consumer electronics in Italy” are made on Amazon.

Amazon’s dominant position in the Italian market “has allowed it to favor its own logistics service (…) for sellers active on the platform to the detriment of competing operators,” the Italian authority ruled on Thursday.

In recent months, the countries of the European Union have intensified financial sanctions against large companies in the digital sector in the United States and China.

In November, a European Parliament committee approved a draft regulation on digital markets (DMA) to better regulate the internet and end the abuse of power by the giants of the sector.