Saturday, December 10

Italy stops receiving Russian gas through Austria

The Italian energy company Eni has confirmed this Saturday that the volume of Russian gas that it will receive this Saturday “will be zero”, after Gazprom has announced its “impossibility” to transport that material through Austria. “Gazprom communicates that it cannot confirm the delivery of the volumes of gas requested for today due to the declared impossibility of transporting gas through Austria. Therefore, today, the flow of Russian gas destined for Eni through the Tarvisio entry point will be zero”, explains the Italian public company in a statement.

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The Russian gas company, for its part, has blamed the Austrian government for the suspension. “The transportation of Russian gas, under the contract with Gazprom Export through the territory of Austria, has been suspended due to the Austrian operator’s refusal to confirm the transportation nominations,” Gazprom said in a statement. The Russian gas company specifies that the reason is “regulatory changes” that have recently occurred in the Central European country.

“Gazprom is working on solving the problem together with Italian buyers,” he added.

Italy receives Russian gas from Siberia through the gas pipeline that crosses Ukraine and is connected to “Trans Austria Gas”, controlled by the Snam company. Since the beginning of the Russian military campaign in Ukraine, Algeria has replaced Russia as the main gas supplier for the transalpine country, after the Mario Draghi government launched an energy diversification program to alleviate its dependence on the Eurasian country.

Until the invasion, Italy depended heavily on energy imports, to the point that it bought 90% of the gas it consumed, and 40% came from Russian territory.