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iTest: the app that turns your iPhone into a Samsung | Digital Trends Spanish

Did you know that it is possible to test Samsung’s operating system directly on an iPhone? Although it may sound like something very complex, worthy of experts in software and mobile telephony, but it is not.

Samsung has an application called iTest with which it is possible to live the One UI experience based on Android on your iPhone, to find out if you like it or not.

Erika Garcia / Digital Trends

So you can transform your iPhone into a Samsung

iTest works as a web app that will be hosted as a shortcut on your iPhone’s home screen. This means you don’t have to install anything on your phone, so not only is it a secure system, but it doesn’t take up any space.

To do so, on your iPhone you just have to access it from Safari to the iTest website and click on the share icon in the menu. Here select the option “Add to home screen” and you will see the icon appear on the screen.

When you open the app you will see a start menu as if instead of your iPhone it was the expected Samsung Galaxy S22. The experience is very interactive, because in addition to browsing the menus and moving around the screens of the operating system, you can open applications, change wallpapers, check messages or the health app, and even receive calls.

An iPhone 13 mini held in one hand and a white cat sleeping in the background.  On it you can see the Samsung operating system.
Erika Garcia / Digital Trends

The calls are not real, but when he picks up he will tell us some functions of Samsung phones. In the case of the camera, we won’t be able to use the app either (it would be silly because you’d get the results from your iPhone), but in each section you can watch a video with tips and instructions on the functions you’ll find on the South Korean giant’s phones.

Finally, you will also find application folders that include social network apps, other popular apps, and utilities such as the calculator, the calendar, or the voice recorder. Unfortunately, these folders are cosmetic only and you won’t be able to open them or interact with the apps they contain.

An iPhone 13 mini held in one hand.  On it you can see the Samsung operating system.
Erika Garcia / Digital Trends

As you can see, iTest is a curious tool for those who have doubts about switching from iOS to Android, although the latest figures indicate that the opposite is much more common. Tim Cook said last year during an earnings call that there had been a big increase in users leaving Android for the iPhone.

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