Wednesday, December 8

It’s official: memes helped us cope with the pandemic | Digital Trends Spanish

Research published by the American Psychological Association claims that memes can help people cope with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the study, viewing memes about the coronavirus also increased people’s confidence in their ability to cope with the pandemic.

“As the pandemic dragged on, it became more and more interesting for me to see how people used social media, and memes in particular, as a way of thinking about the pandemic,” explains lead author Dr. Jessica Gall Myrick, Professor at Pennsylvania State University (United States).

“We found that seeing just three memes can help people cope with the stress of living during a global pandemic.”

Investigators surveyed 748 people online in December 2020 to determine whether viewing memes influenced their positive emotions, anxiety, information processing, and coping with COVID-19.

Scientists collected hundreds of popular memes that go viral online, while a group of participants reviewed and rated the humor and cuteness of each meme.

“Although the World Health Organization recommended that people avoid too many covid-related media for the benefit of their mental health, our research reveals that COVID-19 memes may help people feel more secure in their lives. capacity to face the pandemic ”, they add.

“This suggests that not all media are uniformly bad for mental health and that people should stop and take stock of the type of media they consume.”

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