Wednesday, October 20

It’s real, but it’s not real

Let’s say it clearly: the official budget of the Royal House that we know every year is a great lie. The figure of the General State Budgets only covers a part of the money that we really spend in maintaining and protecting the Monarchy. Today we tell you that the Ministry of the Presidency of the Government assumes the expense of 146 officials who work for the Royal House in Zarzuela. The cost: 2.5 million euros.

Remember that we already told you that National Heritage also takes over, among other things, dozens more workers worth about 776,000 euros. Defense or Interior also put money for payroll at the service of the Royal House.

In total, they are more than 3 million euros. Compare it with the 8.4 that do appear as an official budget allocation is at least 37% more than what they theoretically have budget allocation. And what we won’t know yet.

  • In all monarchies they cook beans. It turns out that in British law there is a procedure, the ‘consent of the queen’, which allows the monarch to access in advance (and therefore influence) the legislation that affects her in some way. And so, Elizabeth II managed, for example, to get an exception that makes her the only person with property in Scotland not required to comply with a green energy standard.

This is real

If you’ve noticed that it’s been hotter lately, you are not wrong. One in three provinces has had the highest temperatures between 2015 and 2020 in records.

To monitor this reality, we release a slightly peculiar weather tool: answer the question Is it hotter today than usual? Every day, you will be able to check on if this is the case, with the temperature compared to the historical average, or is it just a suggestion. A wonder of our data team.

$ 100 to get vaccinated

United States have a problem with vaccination, that went like a shot during the first months but that has stagnated before the carelessness of some young people, the disconnection of many people who live outside the official recommendations and the almost denialist skepticism of, above all, the most conservative part of the society. The mayor of New York began by giving hamburgers and fries to whoever was going to be inoculated and is already desperate: he offers $ 100 in exchange for the prick.

  • In Spain, the incidence rate of the fifth wave drops for the first time, but now we have to see the number of deaths rise: there have been registered 72 in a single day.
  • Pfizer Pharmaceutical Says that a third dose of the vaccine would be helpful to increase protection against the Delta variant of the coronavirus. The Minister of Health we were surprised the other day, taking for granted that this third dose will be necessary, “we will have to see when.”
  • Mental health. The references of celebrities like Simone Biles, who speak with some naturalness of their mental health problems, is helping the youngest to go to the psychologist when they need it.


Do not pass

  • Homophobia. The Ministry of the Interior has issued an instruction to the Police so that, from the outset, they investigate as a possible hate crime any aggression where there is some indication such as the sexual orientation of the victim or that someone hears a “fag” cry. More details


Things i didn’t know

  • He did not know that the vast majority of employees in that wonderful place that is the United States receive less than 14 days of vacation per year. In fact, the most common option for companies is to grant less than 10, and thank you, because they are not even legally obliged to do so. Only 7% of workers in the US have between 20 and 24 days of vacation, the legal minimum in Spain (22), Germany or Portugal. France has 30 business days of holidays.
  • He did not know, although it is a bit obvious, that it is easy for us to count by five and that our large numbers rotate around 10 because at the beginning of time the fingers of the hands were the measure of things. In fact, in some languages, ‘hand’ and ‘five’ are said the same; in Vanuatu, to say the number 10 they say ‘two-hands’. The 11 is ‘two-hands-one’ and 15 is ‘three-hands’. Not in all cultures this is the case.
  • He did not know that there was a technique called ‘circular breathing‘so that you can breathe in and breathe in at the same time. Is this possible to do? It seems that way, although in reality the trick is to accumulate the air in your mouth so that you can breathe in through your nose while you blow. But what are you telling me and what is this for? Well, it is a common technique to play wind musical instruments without interruptions to breathe. A video to understand it well.

Tomorrow we have the last newsletter of the season, that on Monday I am going on vacation. Do not miss me

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