Friday, February 3

It’s time to slay the pelican! Five easy ways to save on big bills in 2022

4. Over paying for your broadband? Now might be time to find a better deal

Many people pay £30-£45/mth for slow broadband speeds. Yet if you’re one of the seven million who are out of contract, you can up your speed and more than halve your costs – again saving £100s a year. It’s all about pouncing on short-lived promotions which give rewards such as prepaid Mastercards for signing up.

The easy way to do it is to just search what’s available in your area via our Broadband Unbundled comparison tool. As examples, the cheapest new customer deals available to most right now are…

Cheapest basic 11Mb broadband and line, equivalent £13/mth. Fine for light use. See Shell Energy info. Ends Sunday 13 February.
Cheapest 38Mb fibre broadband and line, equivalent £15/mth. Fast enough for most streamers and gamers. See Vodafone info. Ends Sunday 16 January.
Cheapest superfast 67Mb fibre and line, equivalent £16/mth. If you’ve a need for speed (for example, multiple users streaming). See Vodafone info. Ends Sunday 16 January.

Savings can be large, as Kathy emailed us: “When BT notified me my contract was ending, I used your comparison and switched. Over the 24-month contract I will save around £841.”

If you’re happy where you are, do a quick check to see the cheapest deals in your area, then – as long as you’re out of contract – use that as a benchmark to haggle down your broadband price.

Also, see our Cutting the cost of digital TV guide too.