Friday, September 30

It’s time to talk about Llop

Life is like a Chinese vase, it is beautiful, but if you don’t take care of it, it breaks into thousands of pieces.

Ernest Hemingway
American writer and journalist

This is not the metro and perhaps, for this reason, it is time to talk about Minister Llop. I get down to it because it is what many do not want or do not dare to do and also because it is already absolutely necessary. The time has come, especially when playing in some pools with the threat of jumping, without breaking or staining, from the Ministry of Justice to the candidacy for mayor of Madrid. Do not break and do not stain is the most relevant line of your resume. I am going to talk about Llop without knowing anything about Llop, since that has been her greatest merit during her dazzling political career, that we do not know about her. I am going to talk about Llop without ever having talked to Llop and without having heard much about the minister. If my sources don’t talk much about Llop, if you can’t talk to Llop, I’m very afraid that we can say that Llop is not the subject of conversation neither on the subway nor on the bus and that, in terms of running for mayor of the largest city in the country, is a sin of lese irrelevance.

Llop is a mysterious minister. We know that she inaugurates and puts medals more or less well and, even, that she is capable of riding in an Asturian council acting as the sister of Carlos V, activities in which either little is spoken or, if it is done, a lot is read . In the week that is ending, and since the return of summer, we have witnessed an exit of the minister from Parcent’s closet in which, they say, her Chief of Staff keeps her protected. Interviews and parliamentary appearances equally show her stumbles. She is right in the media cave when she makes memes with the exit of a bank leg that in the subway there is talk of the crisis due to the non-renewal of the CGPJ. A Minister of Justice can not walk with those bosses. Not only because we know that he neither goes nor can go nor should go by metro, but because the Minister of Justice is unaware that one of the biggest problems of the crisis created by the PP is, precisely, that it is an issue that does not take its toll , that its voters and potential voters do not give a damn about it, and that due to its complexity it is systematically removed from public debate in the mass media. No, Llop, not only is the maximum seriousness of this soft blow against democracy not talked about in the subway or on the bus or in the markets, but it is hardly talked about in public space and, when it is done, It does so using simple arguments for hooligans and not so that the citizen understands where the seriousness and complexity of the problem lies.

It takes decades to dive into the back room and understand what happens in that world, and yet no one can claim to have managed to identify all the underground currents that come together. That is why it is very likely that not even the minister understands it very well. At least that’s what gossips say. Llop, who has been passing, without breaking or staining, but also without any relevance, from the Madrid Assembly to the Senate and from there to his presidency and then to a ministry, came to politics from a single-person court in Madrid. Those who see her with dispassionate eyes say that a magistrate with that record -and who has served so little as a judge and has stood out so little in associative life- has never had access or known the true intricacies of the power of the togas in the forum and, above all, has no ascendancy over them. So, they say, it is really inoperative and, so much so, that it has clearly been relieved of the task of obtaining a renewal of the CGPJ, which its two predecessors did achieve, who negotiated at least in appearance -Juan Carlos Campo and Dolores Delgado-, and that in both cases it was resold a posteriori by the Popular Party. She is on the sidelines and now Bolaño works in broad daylight. So as not to break it? So that she doesn’t get dirty? Perhaps simply because she was out of her league to try. She, too, should not help that she has appointed a former guard from Seville as a bodyguard in her Cabinet, whose contacts and prestige in the world of legal careers should also be very noteworthy.

Actually, talking about Llop is still a perch. It is not even certain that they intend to take her to the streets of Madrid to carry out an electoral campaign, because it is evident that she could not. Her attempts to talk about the government of the people, to bring the task of the Government closer to the citizens say it all. And they are not only his lapse-“is it that there are no Catalans living in other places in Spain? And, vice versa, aren’t there Spaniards also living in…well…there, too?” – rather, it is that inability to overcome the error, that hesitation and that emptiness that heralds disaster in the stormy electoral waters. The point is that the analysis of Almeida’s wear and tear, his fall to the dark side of his unusual initial popularity, his electoral weakness, is good. It is true that the battle to recover the Madrid City Council can take place, with what this implies in terms of the rest of the elections. The question is who can go out and fight in that bullring with signs of success and, if not, who is going to put up with the pull of making a true progressive opposition without hanging up the towel and running away or fading into ineffectiveness, leaving the thrown voter. That is a specialty of the socialist house that should be corrected. No more Sebastian or Gabilondo or Pepu – who left or acted as if they weren’t there – because the feeling that the vote has been thrown into a well and that it hasn’t even served to put Chinese on the right in its path is very hopeless .

The PSOE can stand up to Almeida if he chooses a candidate of specific weight – being a minister per se does not grant it – and with a level of citizen knowledge that cannot be gained in a few months – and being a minister does not guarantee it either, although some have it to spare. Someone who can get a vote that is not just the faithful. Someone who a certain group of swing voters doesn’t see as a fling. Someone who has a series of requirements that Pilar Llop does not have. That many people tell me that she is a wonderful aunt, but that does not erase that winning elections requires a different profile.

At this point a magistrate of the Supreme Court comes to mind. Do not think that it is for something that has to do with the candidacies, do not be bad. He is an old one, already deceased. The one who said that helping friends was not a sin because he had an evangelical reason. “How many died the same day as Lazarus? How many were resurrected? Why is he resurrected? Because he was the friend of Jesus. Supporting friends we do not sin”. It is possible that he does not sin, but also that he does not get it right. And the battle against Almeida must be given.

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