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Iturgaiz considers the coalition with Citizens in the Basque Country to be “dead”, thanks to which he returned to the front line of politics

At the beginning of 2020, the Basque PP was led by the former minister and former mayor of Vitoria, Alfonso Alonso, who was to be the candidate in the autonomous regions. Genoa imposed a coalition with Citizens that overrepresented a formation without any institutional presence in Euskadi, Alonso resisted and Pablo Casado rescued Carlos Iturgaiz, leader of the party two decades ago, then a member of parliament for years and in that moment already out of the front line. Iturgaiz obtained, despite the alliance, the worst results since the center-right rallied around the PP, six seats of which two went to cadres of Ciudadanos. One of them, the former orange leader in Euskadi, Luis Gordillo, who entered Parliament after the scrutiny review and not the first, has jumped to the PP this week and now Iturgaiz considers the coalition “dead” that, until a few years ago days, it was presented as an example of joint work.

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In an interview in ‘El Correo’, Iturgaiz assures that the coalition “was born and has died in the Basque Country”, although in fact, in 2019 a similar electoral model was articulated in Navarra, although led by UPN, Navarra Suma, a project that still works in institutions. The leader of the ‘popular’ Basques understands that “it is very difficult for it to happen again” because Ciudadanos would be “taking the wrong directions, throwing themselves into the arms of Pedro Sánchez, trying to play tricks on the PP”. “Popular” sources, on the other hand, clarify that they trust to keep the parliamentary group together “until the end of the legislature.” “The coalition is maintained, it is alive and it will work as it has been up to now in the Basque Parliament. We are delighted, it works very well,” they allege.

What’s more, they reproach Ciudadanos for being the ones who questioned their continuity after Gordillo’s jump. The orange coordinator and the only elected one, José Manuel Gil, came to ask for the seat to rebalance the weight of the two partners, but that will not happen. From the PP they insist that “there is no intention to edge Gil” of the parliamentary day to day and put as an example that, just after the controversial announcement of the change of Gordillo, the representative of Citizens gave a voice to PP + Cs in three of the seven points of the plenary session of that day. “Those who have said that they are going to reflect are them, not us,” ditch the PP. It is no less the fact that if Ciudadanos broke in the Basque Parliament it would go from PP + Cs to Vox + Cs, since it would have to share a mixed group with the only elect of the far right, Amaia Martínez Grisaleña.

From Ciudadanos, the sources consulted assure that “the PP has launched an attack” and that “we have to wait and see where it arrives.” “We continue to think that going together is the best option for Euskadi. It is a shame for constitutionalism. We have to calmly analyze all this and make the appropriate decisions accordingly,” they raise from the party of Inés Arrimadas, who is aware of these movements. In any case, Gil’s surroundings show their surprise at the firmness with which Iturgaiz expresses himself against the maintenance of the coalition when “he was the great beneficiary” because, before its creation, “he was totally ostracized.” This debate has partly covered the fact that Casado promised to recover the powers of Prisons recently transferred to Euskadi if he arrives in La Moncloa, when the Basque PP, through Iturgaiz himself, defended the transfer in September because it was a matter included in the Statute since 1979 .

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