Friday, September 29

IU closes the agreement to compete with Sumar on 23J

Sumar closes an agreement with Izquierda Unida while advancing with the rest of the parties. This was announced by the IU coordinator, Alberto Garzón, with a tweet this Friday. “I want to communicate that we have reached an agreement with Sumar to compete in the next general elections.”

In the negotiation IU obtains: 1 for Córdoba and Málaga, 2 for Seville, 1 for Tarragona and 3 for Valencia. In this case, the safest positions, in case of repeating the results of 2019, would be the Andalusians.

“First of all,” Garzón stated, “we state that the IU will have deputies in the future parliamentary group who will work autonomously and in coordination with the rest of the group.”

“Secondly, the compañera and spokesperson Sira Rego, who represents the federal organization, has given up running in these elections to facilitate the presence of compañeros from other territories on the lists,” Garzón writes in his twitter message: ” It has been a gesture of generosity that once again highlights the philosophy of our organization regarding the collective project. Our formation has the largest organizational extension and institutional presence of all those that make up the space, and this will be essential in the future of the left”.

Indeed, IU would go from having the 3 in the general elections of November 2019 -then for Enrique Santiago- to having the 9 for Madrid, a position that would only enter Congress if the current representation of the UP confederal group is improved.

Garzón also affirms: “We want to contribute so that Sumar can be as soon as possible a comfortable space for both citizens and organizations to participate, with democratic mechanisms, transparency and fraternity. There’s a long way to go.”

Finally, the IU leader says: “I want to apologize to the public for the noise caused in this process. Nobody deserves this, and from IU we are convinced that things can be done in a different and much better way”.