Wednesday, October 27

Iván Redondo suggests that he asked Sánchez to leave in his reappearance as a brother of Ordizia cheese: “I decided to stop and I stopped, and the president understood.”

“I will be very clear: I decided to stop and I stopped, and the president understood.” With these words, the one who had been director of Pedro Sánchez’s Cabinet until this July has made his first public appearance since his replacement when he was appointed to Ordizia Cofrade of Honor of the Idiazabal Cheese.

Pedro Sánchez reinforces Iván Redondo and turns his Chief of Staff into the ’23rd minister’

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Redondo, who has assured that for the moment he has “no intention of returning to politics”, has confessed to being “at the service of the country and the president” with whom he is “always” in contact. “I have given a lot to politics and politics has given me a lot,” he added after ensuring that in the coming weeks the new direction that his career will take will be known.

About Sánchez, only good words. “We have always had a special relationship that we maintain and take care of. We have lived interesting moments, with certain historical accelerations. Where there has been a special relationship, it continues to exist and there will always be,” he stressed, and later added that his feeling also it is the same towards the ministers that make up the Government.

“You have to know how to differentiate what your moment is”

In an emotional speech after the award ceremony, Redondo recalled his ‘baserritarras’ origins. “I have remembered my grandfather, that when we were little we learned many things. They are shepherds, they had that popular wisdom (…) whenever he saw me, every day he told me something very simple: ‘Iván, the pigeons are leaving’. What did my aitona mean by this? (…) I wanted to say something very simple that has to do with the future and how the future is built. There are those pigeons and when you let them go, you still have to go with them at many times. You have to know how to differentiate what your moment is. He also spoke of something very simple that is the formula to define tomorrow and it is here, today and now. Something as simple as that helps you overcome stages of life, “said Redondo during the event.

Among the reasons why the Brotherhood has wanted to present him with this award, with which it congratulates those who throughout the year have contributed to distribute the Idiazabal Cheese brand, they have highlighted an act that has been “secret until today ”. During his time as director of the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Government, specifically at Christmas last year, Redondo delivered more than 100 Idiazabal cheeses paid for out of his own pocket to all the members of his Moncloa team. An action that Ordizia have appreciated.