Thursday, July 7

Izal: “I never knew what ‘Pausa’ was about, there is the magic”

In each performance, embraced by the murmur of the voices of his companions, Mikel Izal (Pamplona, ​​1982) asked for a pause… he had it. He asked for calm … he got it. He asked for silence … and he stopped listening.

Also himself.

Perhaps, for too long: “I was afraid of defeat, of writing something that I didn’t like. Time passed and each time composing generated more vertigo … The pause that began Pause it was a good break. ”


Izal’s vocalist came from compulsively composing —two songs a month— and from the maelstrom they had lived through during a time when all they did was grow and achieve the impossible. This song was the last on the album Self-therapy (2018), but also the kick-off to a period of compositional drought in which his notebook remained barren for two years. During that time, he did not write a single line. Nor did he e-mail the lyrics to himself, greeting himself, as he always does when composing a new song. “It was the last thing I wrote, it was January 2017 … I’ve looked at it before in the mail,” explains Mikel Izal with an accuracy with which, however, he is unable to explain the meaning of his song.

“Can I be honest and look terrible? I was never very clear about what was going on Pause and that is very strange. Of course, there were two people in my head contradicting each other, but I was never sure if I was the pause or the one giving the hurricane eyes. There is a certain strange magic in the fact that I didn’t quite know what he was talking about. It had not happened to me with any song that he had done before “, Mikel confesses. Even today his bandmates – although it moved them from the first moment – are clear about it.” I thought you had written it to your self yesterday, Reprimanding him for the things you live today, “interrupts Gato, the bassist.” No, no, maybe I told you about the milonga one day to make myself interesting … “, Mikel answers sarcastically.

He knows that he composed it quickly, in just twenty minutes, in his old house in Madrid near Gran Vía, “a very small and dark place, pressing the guitar with his thumb to give that cadence”. But he does not remember much more, or how, or why, or what he thought at the time: “We have read a billion interpretations. From talking about schizophrenia to talking about a partner who is incompatible … With Pause a blank canvas was generated to fill in, even for me. “Over time, it has acquired new meanings for him, as if it were a vital container in which everything fits, the subject to which to go to find answers.” I think which conveys that I never know what I want, that when I want calm it is a lie because what I really want is movement, that I say I want to spend a while without composing, but I am anguished because I have to. Being the Schrödinger cat of yourself all the time. It’s exhausting, “he explains laughing.

  • Are you Gemini?
  • Yes, I am a Gemini … but I don’t know. I have never been very horoscope, I am a hundred percent scientist.

Mikel studied Telecommunications in Bilbao and worked for five years as an engineer before dedicating himself completely to music after moving to Madrid. Like many, Alberto (guitar), Gato (bass), Alejandro (drums), Iván (keyboards) and he started from the bottom, touring Spain from bar to bar, without losing sight of how important it was to make good songs: ” musical, Pause It is exciting. His pulse seems like a beating heart, along with Alberto’s guitar melody, the vocal mattress that is born like a monastery … There are ingredients that connect with the spirit and with the soul very easily “.

The same happens with Meiuqer, the first single from his next album, Home, with which he welcomed his audience last Friday at the Wizink Center. It was the live premiere of this song that freed him … The first he was able to compose – on the bus that took him home to the Basque Country for Christmas – after the silence it brought with it. Pause. As reflected in the video clip and also in the lyrics, Meiuqer It is a new dawn, a return to life, a cry of encouragement and resistance: “Today the pause is already dying in my hands, this winter night is already clearing. I owed you this first stamp, this newborn peace, this humble postcard”.