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J Balvin announces the launch of OYE, a wellness app | Digital Trends Spanish

Global superstar and entrepreneur, J Balvinannounced the creation of HEY, a new, interactive, bilingual wellness app. The artist is co-founder and Chief Dream Officer, and created OYE together with Mario Chamorro, happiness activist and virtual education executive, Patrick Down, global creative and social impact executive, and Isaac Lee, journalist and media executive.

People who sign up for OYE before its launch in September will receive a free 1-year membership, with access to different content and bilingual emotional resourcesas well as personal updates from Balvin.

The idea for OYE was born from Balvin’s personal experience with his mental health, which inspires him to want to help millions of people overcome similar obstacles. The artist has spoken openly about his personal struggles with mental health, a subject that is still considered taboo by a significant part of the Latino community. By letting his own experience become the force behind this innovation, Balvin has turned a personal passion project into a platform that can dramatically improve the lives of many around the world.

“Due to my own journey with mental health, for some time I wanted to create a community-focused company that could make an impact in key areas related to emotional well-being,” said Balvin. “The path to health is different for each person, and deeply personal. Our intention is to encourage and enable people to prioritize their mental and emotional health, and also offer opportunities to the global community so that everyone can creatively create their own world of well-being.”

To bring this project to light, Balvin has appointed Carlos Lopez, his personal therapist and leader in psychiatry and research in Latin America, as the director of OYE’s Wellness Council along with Mari Sierra, OYE’s Director of Welfare, a leading Mexican in the world of well-being and an expert in the mind-body connection.

OYE will offer daily wellness practices in Spanish and English to help its users change their mood through guided reflection, transform negative emotions into positive thoughts through movement, and improve personal relationships through listening. . OYE will also explore the balance between emotional well-being, physical health and social relationships through audio and video content in three categories: My Mind, expanding perspectives with sound journeys; My Body, changing moods with movement and breathing; and Mi Gente, social healing through authentic conversations.

This content will be developed by the OYE Creators, an eclectic community of bilingual wellness guides and specialists who, from Latin America, will bring new perspectives and wellness practices that they have developed through their experience as professional healers, teachers, and artists. Balvin has actively participated in the development of the application, working hand in hand with experts such as López and Sierra.

In addition to having a select group in technology, media and social impact among its co-founders, OYE raised +$3.5 million in its pre-seed round. Early investors include: Exile Content Studio, Kevin Ryan, Founder of Alley Corp, 17 Sigma, Rodina, Expa, Propeller Ventures, GreyMatter, Gaingels, Jeff Wilke, Former Amazon Executive, Jeff Maggioncalda, Coursera Director, Aaron Rasmussen, co-founder of MasterClass and, Maryanna Saenko, co-founder of Future Ventures, among others.

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