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Jack Dorsey enters beta phase with his new network: Bluesky Social | Digital Trends Spanish

The creator of Twitter, jack dorseyhas never stopped staying active after leaving the “little bird” social network and now his new project called blue sky entered beta phase, in an idea to install a new concept of communication.

“The word ‘Bluesky’ evokes a wide open space of possibilities. It was the original name of this project before it took shape, and it is still our company name,” the company shared in a statement. release press release on October 25.

Dorsey, 45, recently stated that Bluesky will not compete with Twitter in the traditional sense, but rather will be “a competitor for any company who tries to possess the underlying fundamentals of social networks or the data of the people who use them.

According to blue skythe new application will have extreme security protocols, as well as a Protocol of authenticated transferwhich indicates that it will be a social network managed by several sites instead of having its servers in a single location.

Here is an excerpt

“The fundamental focus of the app, says Dorsey, is on user data. Claiming that Bluesky will be free from political influence and run by users rather than marketed by corporations, Dorsey’s app has the potential to revolutionize the economics of personal data and ad revenue. User account data can be transferred between platforms thanks to the application code. Bluesky users will be able to log in with their account on any social media site that implements the new code. Consequently, they will have access to all their preferred social networks through a single account.”

company representatives they said that the initial announcement attracted 30,000 Registration in two days. Users can still register to join the app and become beta testers before the platform goes public.

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