Friday, February 23

Jail for a man who defrauded Apple with fake iPhones | Digital Trends Spanish

A man of Chinese nationality has just received a new sentence after being involved in a million-dollar scam against Apple through several fake iPhones.

The subject led a criminal gang that deceived the technology giant. The group received fake iPhones, with IMEI copied from other real devices and that were under legal guarantee.

The band sent these manipulated phones to Apple to be exchanged, ensuring that they were legitimate devices that were still under warranty. The objective was to receive original iPhones from the company as replacements.

These authentic models were then sent to the other members of the illicit organization who were abroad, some of them even in Hong Kong.

The gang leader was also able to obtain false identification documents and opened several commercial receiving mailboxes. He also organized the trips of the other members of the group throughout the United States.

The defendant admits having deceived Apple in a figure close to a million dollars and indicated that his plan was to continue defrauding the company.

However, he was caught by the authorities and has been in pretrial detention since 2019, pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud in May 2020.

This week, the 32-year-old was sentenced to serve a 26-month sentence, in addition to paying a $987,000 fine. His wife also pleaded guilty and must serve her sentence in jail.

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